Exciting Moments of BLACKPINK Jisoo at the Dior Fall 2022 Event

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The fashion show for Christian Dior’s brand, Dior Fall 2022 , Not to forget, Jisoo BLACKPINK , who is Dior’s global brand ambassador , was also present and attracted the attention of all the invited guests who came was just held on Saturday (30/4). Taking place at Ehwa Womans University, the fashion show was attended by top Korean artists such as Red Velvet’s Yeri, EXO’s Sehun, Kim Yuna, Suzy, and many more.

The moments when he was at this event also became viral among fans.

Here is a summary of Jisoo’s five exciting moments while attending Dior Fall 2022.

1. Greeted by one of Dior’s officials

It is known that Jisoo has often worked with Dior since 2019. However, last year she was only officially lined up as a global brand ambassador for the French fashion house, following in the footsteps of Suzy, who has been Dior’s brand ambassador for 6 consecutive years.

As the global “face” of Dior, Jisoo is often seen with important people from the company. It made him touted as Dior’s favorite celebrity and dubbed as Dior’s Princess . So, it is not surprising that he was warmly welcomed by Dior’s Director of Communications, Olivier Bialobos.

2. His presence is considered a main event

Although this event was attended by a number of well-known artists, Jisoo received the most attention among other artists. Dressed in a black lacy dress from the Dior Autumn-Winter 2022 collection , Jisoo does look elegant and amaze anyone who sees her.

Because it attracted everyone’s attention, fans even referred to Jisoo’s presence as the main event of the event. Like the main star, during the event, Jisoo’s activities were followed by dozens of cameras ready to capture important moments.

3. Sit down with CEO Pietro Beccari

At the fashion show yesterday, fans found Jisoo sitting side by side with CEO Pietro Beccari. Previously, Pietro Beccari was known to have met with Jisoo at the Paris Fashion Week 2021 event.

The CEO seems to really like Jisoo. Therefore, after talking with Jisoo at PFW 2021 he said “if your agency fires you, let me know, I will immediately hire you,” the CEO’s words caught on camera went viral and attracted more than 1 million views on Twitter.

4. Meet lucky fan, Angelica

Even though yesterday’s event was closed to the public, a young fan was able to meet Jisoo and even take a photo and get her autograph. It turns out that the little girl is named Angelica and is the daughter of the Director of the Dior Department.

The reason is, this interaction is not the first for Jisoo and Angelica. It was reported that when Angelica and her new mother arrived in Korea, Jisoo sent a welcome gift in the form of a cake and a BLACKPINK CD that she had signed for Angelica.

5. ‘Haesoo’ reunion with Jung Haein

Fans of the drama Snowdrop , starring Jisoo and Jung Haein, must be happy because the duo “Haesoo” was reunited at the fashion show yesterday. Even though they don’t interact directly, they are certainly aware of each other’s presence.

BLINKs even believed that Jisoo had smiled and waved at Haein. Because of this, many fans were carried away and hoped that at least “Haesoo” took a photo together at the event and uploaded it to SNS.

Fashion shows are often awaited by fans so they can get updates on their idolized artists. How about BLINKs after knowing some of Jisoo’s latest moments at the Dior Fall 2022 event above? Has it been enough to treat your longing yet?