Exciting and Horrifying Korean Zombie Alive Movie Review


The South Korean film industry has no doubt as an industry that is in great demand all over the world. From the young to the old, many like to watch movies and dramas from that country, such as Film Alive

Alive, which has the hanggul title, , is a survival-zombie thriller themed film. Alive is an adaptation of the American film Alone. If you want to know how this film is, let’s see below.

Korean Movies Alive
Alive, directed by Choi Il-hyun, is based on an American film released in 2019, titled Alone by Matt Naylor, this film has a duration of 98 minutes. Alive is produced by ZIP Cinema Perspective Picture and distributed by Lotte Entertainment.

This Alive film was released in South Korea on June 24, 2020. And filmed in Gunsan, South Korea on December 12, 2019

Korean Movie Alive
Joon-woo, played by Yoo Ah-in
Joon Woo is a gamer who is trying to survive among the zombie outbreak in the apartment where he lives, who then becomes depressed because of frustration, unable to do anything.

Yoo Bin played by Park Shin Hye
Meanwhile, Yoon bin is a woman who has good survival skills who can solve her problems calmly. He was the one who helped Joon Woo, when he was about to commit suicide.

Thrilling Plot at the Beginning of the Movie
At the beginning of the film, we were treated to a scene when the zombie virus began to spread in the apartment area where Joon Woo lived.

There everyone was running around attacking each other, in particular there was a girl who called her mother and then ate her. We will be shocked when we see Joon Woo and Yoon Bin being attacked by zombies while trying to escape from the apartment.

Provides a Thrilling Survival Experience
In this film we will be able to feel the experience of survival that spreads. Where we can see the struggles of Joon Woo and Yoon Bin in the midst of a zombie outbreak. There is a lot of knowledge about survival, such as when Yoon bin set a trap in front of his apartment door so that zombies that broke through his apartment could be trapped.

Thrilling Zombie Characters
Here the zombie characters are a little different from the zombies in other films. The zombies in this film are not only sensitive to human sounds and scents, the zombies in this film are smart enough that they can see in the dark, open doors, and even climb.

Teaches Many Life Lessons
This film teaches many life lessons. Like not giving up easily and giving up on life, let alone committing suicide. And don’t easily trust other people, even though that person will help us.

So how are you guys! For those who haven’t watched it, are you interested in watching this film, guys, comment below.