Ever Revealed 42 Kg Weight, Kim Chung Ha’s Skinny Body Is Now Attention


Chungha’s Uploaded Photos Garnered Quite A Lot Of Attention Where Netizens Noticed How Skinny She Was. In The Photo, He Is Seen To Have Skinny Arms And A Flat Stomach With No Fat.

Kim Chung Ha recently released a new song. However, netizens are more focused on her skinny appearance. In her photos on Instagram, Chungha gives various poses in a tank top that shows her skinny arms.

Chungha is known to maintain her weight at around 42 kg. The former IOI member appeared on SBS’s “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time” broadcast in 2018, and received a question from a listener about his weight.

You once said you weigh around 42-43 kg, but do you still maintain that range? asked the listener. In response, Chungha said, My weight is still in that range. But the weight is too much for me because I’m short.

Then, Chungha also gave a diet tip, saying, If you are stressed because of dieting, I will show you how. Overeating is not good for your health. When you are stressed while dieting, I think it would be better for you to refill with something sweet.

Chungha’s own uploaded photos have attracted quite a lot of attention, where netizens have noticed how skinny she is. In the photo, he is seen to have skinny arms and a flat stomach with no fat.

Meanwhile, Chungha released the new special single “Killing Me” via online music sites on November 29. “Killing Me” is an uptempo pop song that emphasizes Chungha’s rhythmic vocals through synths and minimal production in the chorus. In the chorus, various variations and ad-libs are added to show the different vocal colors.

Participating in writing the lyrics this time, Chungha compares the repetitive daily life, helplessness, and the frustrating situation when we can’t see the end of the tunnel.

In addition, he also conveys a hopeful message that a shining light is waiting for us at the end of a long tunnel.

Ever Revealed 42 Kg Weight, Kim Chung Ha's Skinny Body Is Now Attention

Kim Chung Ha’s Album ‘Querencia’ Is On Billboard Music’s ‘Best 50 2021’ List

Kim Chung Ha’s First Full-Length Studio Album ‘Querencia’ Has Been Included On Billboard Music’s ‘Best 50 2021’ List. This List Features The Top 50 Albums, Handpicked By Billboard Staff.

Not only popular in their home country, several Korean artists have also successfully attracted attention in other countries, one of which is the United States. It’s no wonder that several names of idols and soloists are plastered on the Billboard chart.

Kim Chung Ha is one of the artists who has gained a lot of popularity overseas. Recently, it was revealed that the singer’s first full-length studio album entitled “Querencia” has been included in Billboard Music’s “Best 50 2021” list.

This list features the top 50 albums, handpicked by Billboard staff. This list was recently revealed on the Billboard homepage. Billboard editor Nolan Feeney reviewed Chung Ha’s album and wrote various praises for it.

You know a good album even when the interludes are cool.

It includes EDM rehearsals (‘Stay the Night’), rock ballads (‘X’) and a series of Latin-inspired songs (including the prominent Guaynaa team ‘Demente’) delivered in Korean, English and Spanish. bringing together the cosmopolitan sound of ‘Querencia’, and Chung Ha’s (but always distinctive) chameleon voice for more than just a record time.