Eurovision, Diodato: “‘Make Noise’, a song of liberation that has created many bridges”

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Eurovision, Diodato: "'Make Noise', a song of liberation that has created many bridges"

From the empty Arena of Verona to the status of Eurovision guest : the circle for Diodato closes in this 2022 of return to normality. And his Make Noise has come a long way: from the anthem of the lockdown, it now becomes a demonstration of closeness.

“I’m just glad to be here. – says Diodato – I am happy to participate in such an important event. And I am happy to experience a moment of strong sharing after these years “.

The singer-songwriter speaks of his participation as the “closing of a circle” . «After all the transformations undergone by Make Noise – He says – bringing her back here concludes a path. Now I can go on, even with all the love I feel for this piece ».

In Turin, Diodato is breathing the air of a “conscious party”. He met Mahmood and Blanco (“I feel a good emotional tension. – he comments – It’s positive because the song was so successful that they could have underestimated the situation. Instead they are concentrated”), and declares himself a huge fan of Chills . But the singer-songwriter also has good words for the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra (“Folk, rap and melodies that pierce. It’s one of the pieces you remember most, even if you don’t understand what they say” he asserts), happy as he says all in all to be just a guest.

“I didn’t want to bring the exact same song here after all this time. – he then adds – I wanted to create a sort of journey and development. I wanted there to be a story in 4 minutes, and it is a story that belongs to me and to many others. He starts from a moment of isolation but, with the strength of emotions and the will to share them, he crosses an immobile and frozen humanity and slowly life returns. It is a moment of very strong sharing on stage, I will be surrounded by talented dancers who transmit, and I hope will arrive with strength, a very strong humanity and physical presence ».

Diodato at Eurovision, the performance

Aided by the choreography of Irma Di Paola , the Eurovision performance stages a «strong contact».

«I wanted to go from a moment of isolation and coldness to a moment of warmth. To the desire to come back to life and to get excited. It is also wonderful to be able to do it with an audience in front. Make Noise , sung in front of thousands of people, change her dress once again. While remaining a song of liberation and an invitation to break down the silence that has been imposed on us ».

The message is therefore that one can “start from a moment of total solitude, even if I have never felt alone in the Arena but part of a flow of humanity, to arrive at a moment of strong physical presence “.

«This song has its strength because it is sung in this language here, in Italian. – Diodato concludes – Somehow a connection has been created, something very profound. This created bridges with other human beings. I get messages from all over the world and I have the feeling that I have reached a deep part of someone else, who does not speak my language. It’s the magic of music ».