Euphoria Series Actress Joins Spider-Man Spin-off Film, Becomes Black Cat?


Pictures has now started actively developing its own superhero film universe called Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU). Sony also has several film projects that will be part of SSU in the future. One such project is the film Madame Web, which some time ago had Dakota Johnson as the main character.

Well, recently, it was rumored that the Madame Web film project had hooked another actress into the cast. Launching Deadline, the actress is Sydney Sweeney who successfully captivated thanks to her appearance in the Euphoria series, which also starred Zendaya. Unfortunately, until this article was written, Sweeney’s role in the Madame Web film has not been revealed because it is still a mystery.

Even so, many suspect that Sweeney will play Gwen Stacy in the SSU universe. Besides Gwen Stacy, there is one more character that Sweeney will most likely play in the film, namely Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. This is because Sony Pictures is reportedly preparing a solo film from Black Cat so that the antihero can debut on Madame Web first.

Well, the character that will be played by Sweeney will most likely only be revealed when the Madame Web film is released. Unfortunately, until now not too much information regarding the Spider-Man spin-off film has been revealed, including the year of release. However, Sony is reportedly also eyeing S. J. Clarkson as a director after the previous success with the Jessica Jones series.