Ethan Ennis, Former Liverpool Wonderkid who was released and ‘taken’ by Manchester United


Get to know more closely the figure of Ethan Ennis, the wonderkid who used to study at the Liverpool academy but instead left for Manchester United.

Liverpool and Manchester United are indeed known as a pair of eternal rivals in the English League. But in the midst of this competition, there are many interesting stories that are worth telling.

One of them is the journey of Ethan Ennis, who bravely rejected Liverpool’s contract offer last season.

Refusing a deal would mean moving towards the club’s exit. This is what Ethan Ennis then did.

But instead of going to clubs A, B, or C, he turned out to be close to the Reds’ arch-enemy, the Red Devils.

The unfortunate incident occurred in July 2021, when Manchester United officially signed Ethan Ennis to their camp.

Interest in this one boy is certainly not without reason. The reason, he is fairly consistently performed brilliantly while still in Liverpool uniform.

Peak, he managed to steal the attention when packing a hat trick against Sutton United in the FA Youth Cup.

As a result, yes, Manchester United was attracted. Their door to signing Ethan Ennis was then wide open after the player refused to stay longer with Liverpool.

After confirming his move to Manchester United, the wonderkid who was born on December 11, 2004 also expressed his happiness.

Crossing to Rival
“I’m delighted to announce that I’ve signed for Manchester United. Grateful for this opportunity, can’t wait to get started,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

The move of Ethan Ennis was like a pretty hard blow for Liverpool because they had lost one of the most valuable prospects into the hands of rivals.

When it comes to how much Ethan Ennis has contributed to Liverpool, one of the most memorable is probably one of the members of their Under-18 team that reached the top of the FA Youth Cup.

Unfortunately, in the 2020-2021 edition, Liverpool had to run aground in the hands of Aston Villa with a thin score of 1-2.

Even during the competition, Ethan Ennis was only played once but made an extraordinary impression.

As mentioned above, he scored a hat-trick against Sutton United in the third round of the 2020-2021 FA Youth Cup. At that time, Liverpool U-18 won with a terrible score, 6-0.

Unfortunately after the match, Ethan Ennis was not in the squad, even until Liverpool U-18 reached the top party.

Even so, his actions are still in great demand, even to the point of making Manchester United fall in love even though they have to hijack him from the eternal enemy.
At Manchester United, Ethan Ennis is currently listed in the U-18 team.

After joining in July 2021, he made his debut against Leeds United in August.

Blooming at Manchester United
As time passed, Ethan Ennis continued to grow rapidly with Manchester United with all his brilliant football.

Not long ago, his name became public talk after scoring four goals for Manchester United in two games.

The first, he netted two balls against his former club, Liverpool. But at that time the match ended equally strong with a dramatic score of 5-5.

Not long after, Ethan Ennis again scored two goals, this time against another team, Leeds United.

You could say, Ethan Ennis is a winger who likes to face players and run towards goal.

It should be noted, his speed and finishing ability make the wonderkid very dangerous for rivals Manchester United in the final third of the field.

All four of Ethan Ennis’ goals even came from open play. In addition, his touch in front of goal looks very dexterous, and often connects well with the strikers.

Listing his name on the scoreboard against Liverpool and Leeds United did not make Ethan Ennis satisfied.

Later, he again showed his skills to score in the opponent’s goal in a match against Sunderland.

In fact, this goal was the only number achieved by Manchester United after the game was deadlocked for 39 minutes. Now, it is worth waiting for what the continuation of Ethan Ennis’ actions at Manchester United will be like.

But clearly, it looks like Liverpool have lost one of their valuable future assets.