Escape Room Review: Tournament of Champions (2021), More Creative and More Excited


This Escape Room: Tournament of Champions review contains VERY LIGHT SPOILER . Still safe and will not discuss the twist or bigger consequences. It’s more of a technicality.

When we first saw and read the plot of Escape Room (2019), we couldn’t deny that many of us initially felt that this film would be an ordinary B-class film. Or in other words, the film will be standard or ridiculous and ugly.

But when we finally saw the film, how surprised we were, how fun this film was. It’s not an Oscar -class film , but a film that tells the story of a group of individuals who get an invitation to escape from room after room of death, really makes us forget the real world.

And when we saw the hanging ending , no doubt, we immediately couldn’t wait to watch the sequel quickly. Then did our excitement to quickly watch the sequel pay off as cool as watching the first film?

Come on, let’s just look at the following Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Review .

Directly Continuing the Ending of the First Film

In essence, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions immediately continued its hanging ending . Specifically, the film focuses directly on the two death trap room survivors of the first film, Zoey Davis (Taylor Russell) and Ben Miller (Logan Miller).

The two of them are now preparing to go to the main headquarters of the creators of the first death chamber. Minos Corporation. When the two arrived at the location that was suspected to be their headquarters, suddenly Zoey’s favorite necklace was snatched by a street thug (Matt Esof).

Zoey and Ben immediately chased the snatcher until they both boarded the electric train at the station. It’s a shame that even though they got on the train by accident, both of them still failed to get the necklace.

And when the two were on their way to return to their original base, suddenly, the train turned a corner. Then, the train delivered to a carriage that didn’t know where. As a result, both of them and several other passengers were trapped.

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And of course we can guess that what they experienced was a sign that the Escape Room had started. As a result, Zoey, Ben, and other passengers who turned out to be survivors of the previous “season” of the Escape Room , must now prepare and survive in this new season of the Escape Room .

Then, will Zoey and Ben be the survivors again? And will there be previous survivors who again escape this dangerous and super deadly room game?

More Creative Trap

Of course, from the start we wanted to read this review of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions , we couldn’t wait to find out more about the traps that this sequel has shown.

And right away, all the traps or puzzles in each room are now much more creative both in concept and appearance.

Anyway, no matter how creative or as cool as any traps, puzzles , and ways of dying the characters in the first film. All of that, it’s nothing, if we compare it with what we will see later in this sequel.

There are even some riddles and traps that make me personally, to the point of nervousness and screaming excitedly myself. And I didn’t feel this way when I watched the first film.

Standard Origin Story But Well Executed

Another cool aspect of this sequel, is that the film finally satisfies the curiosity we had when we first watched Escape Room .

Specifically, when we watched the first film, we certainly felt curious about the origins or how it started, the Minos company was inspired to make this deadly “event” . And we can say this origin story is actually pretty standard.

But somehow for me, the director of the first film who returned to direct this sequel, Adam Robitel ( Insidious: The Last Key ), was able to execute it with great fun. So, the standard origin story, looks really fun. Especially when there ‘s an unexpected twist of origin at the end of the film, it’s just getting more and more fun for us.

The Origin Story Only Available in the Extended Version

So, to be able to see the origin story, we have to watch the extended version. Yes, launching the Wikipedia page of this film, it turns out that Escape Room: Tournament of Champions has two versions released.

The first is the standard release version which will be released in all theaters in July 2021. And the extended version. So luckily I got the extended version . Well, this film as of this writing, has not yet been shown in our cinemas.

However, the film is already on the coming soon list for cinema chain CGV Cinemas . So yeah, let’s see later, whether the CGV network will serve the standard or extended version .

What is clear is that if we get the standard version later, we will not get the origin story of the birth of the escape room and also, the actress who played Esther in the 2009 hit horror thriller film Orphan , Isabelle Fuhrman. So yeah let’s just see again later

Less Memorable Supporting Characters

Unfortunately, even though the story is already fun, through this review of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions , I can say that I am disappointed. The reason is, the supporting characters who are also new participants in the Escape Room are less memorable .

In fact, one of the aspects that made the first film great was the fleshing out of the characters, which was really cool. If we still remember very well, all the supporting characters of the first film have a very strong backstory .

Even their backstory is made part of the Escape Room game. So, it makes everyone have a personality and we understand and care when they are almost or are about to die.

Well in this sequel, unfortunately we don’t see that anymore. Indeed, there are still background characters, but yes, it’s only very short. Robitel only prioritizes the general background aspect : They are survivors from the previous Escape Room event .

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Although this is disappointing, but at the same time there are advantages too. Specifically, we can focus on the two main characters, Zoey and Ben. And for the two actors who played both, I can say that their performances were much better. Moreover, Taylor who looks much more confident and steady as Zoey.

A More Fun and Entertaining Sequel

Finally, we can conclude from this review of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions , that this sequel is a little more fun than its predecessor. Anyway, if we are fans of the first film, we will definitely love this film.

Even if you haven’t watched it before or don’t like the first film, I guarantee you will change your mind when you watch the sequel. Anyway, these two Escape Room films are both very effective films to fill the time void that you may be experiencing.

I hope this review of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is useful!