Escape From Pretoria (2020) Film Review: Non-stop Tension Sensation


Daniel Radcliffe began trying to star in a number of films other than “Harry Potter.” Call it “Now You See Me 2”, “Swiss Army Man”, “Jungle” and “Guns Akimbo.” His busyness in various films with anti-mainstream roles, seems to want to release the “Harry Potter” image that has been firmly attached to him. And most recently, Daniel starred in the film Escape from Pretoria.

Synopsis of the film Escape from Pretoria
Tells about the real experiences of historical actors as well as the author of Inside Out: Escape From Pretoria, by Tim Jenkin, a convict who managed to escape from Pretoria prison during Apartheid in South Africa.

This film was directed by Francis Annan who was previously involved in short film projects.

Discrimination against the black race
For decades (even today), the black race is often marginalized and exploited in various aspects. One example is the Apartheid policy in South Africa.

It took several years of struggle to stop this policy, under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, the Africa National Congress (ANC), many rebellion movements were carried out to stop the Apartheid system.

The involvement of the white race in anti-apertheid efforts
In the film Escape from Pretoria, Tim Jenkin (Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee (Webber), are two white youths who supported the ANC party in the 1979 Apartheid era, they were arrested by the police and became political prisoners in Pretoria. Tim Jenkin was charged 12 years and Stephen Lee 8 years.

They were charged with the poster bombings they carried out in public places. The action was an attempt to distribute leaflets that were against the politics of Apartheid.

As the title implies, their efforts to get out and pick up freedom are the main plot of this film.


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To get out you need a key
Of course to get out of prison needed a key. Unlike some films of the same genre as “Escape Plan”, “Escape From Alcatraz”, “The Swashank Redemption,” and “The Great Escape” which mostly use violence to get out of prison.

The film Escape From Pretoria has a different way of showing the play’s attempt to escape from prison, namely by doubling the lock of the prison cell.

What makes this film one of the best in its genre is the “classic” feel and the close-up shots that are presented. Like refreshing the subgenre.

Non-stop Tension Sensation
The audience really felt the tension, like being invited to join the escape from the prison.

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The moments presented are very detailed, the emotions of the players are very natural, plus the debates that occur in every action of their escape. The tense background music adds to the tension when watching this film.

The slightest mistake can be fatal for both them and their fellow inmates. Not to mention the prison warden who is so good at keeping an eye on all the inmates.

The difficulty of escaping from this prison makes other inmates help our play in their escape action. One of the criminal aids makes their plan perfect.

The non-stop tension that is presented makes us breath a sigh of relief when our main characters reap the fruits of their efforts, because the tension has ended.

Escape From Pretoria is a film that fits the #at home moment like it is now.

Like the plot in this film, I hope that we too can escape from the “prison” that is currently afflicting our country so that we can carry out productive activities as before.

This Escape from Pretoria film review was published on PlotIND on Wednesday, April 8, 2020.