Erik Ten Hag Sprays MU’s Back Line for Conceding a Last Minute Goal Arsenal: We Folded!


Erik ten Hag expressed disappointment after Manchester United lost dramatically to Arsenal in Week 21 of the 2022/2023 Premier League at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (23/1/2023).

“I think it’s too much to talk about but it was like a pack of cards with the goals we conceded, starting with a corner and then we made mistakes. We didn’t show discipline and then we conceded,” he said.

MU took the lead through Marcus Rashford’s action in the 17th minute. Eddie Nketiah then replied in the 24th minute. The first half ended with the score 1-1.

Mutual reciprocal goals continued into the second half. Bukayo Saka brought Arsenal back ahead in the 53rd minute. MU then equalized the score via Lisandro Martinez six minutes later. Nketiah became the hero of the Gunners’ victory through a goal in the 90th minute. Arsenal also won 3-2.

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Admit Defeat
When he was asked to dig deeper into the defensive mistakes Manchester United made, Ten Hag claimed his side were like cards, folding.

“I said before, the team that wants to win the most will win today. Of course, we had the best game of the week, but we also had some weaknesses,” he continued.

“You have to be in reality, the reality is we have to show strength. In some occasions we didn’t, otherwise we would have won this game, or at least drew it,” he said.

Immediate Evaluation
The Dutch manager immediately explained his team’s evaluation.

“We have to fix that mentality. The players have to realize the game is over when the referee blows the whistle three times. Until then, they have to do everything right, 100 per cent focused, you make sacrifices, you do your best.”

“When you are 1-0 up and easily give up 1-1, because when you are 1-0 up the space will come, with our quality we should be able to take advantage of it.”