EPL: Juergen Klopp wants to create a monster version of Mohamed Salah against Manchester City

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Liverpool manager, Juergen Klopp, promised to field his flagship winger, Mohamed Salah, since the early minutes in the match against Manchester City in the FA Cup semifinal, Saturday (16/4/2022). Klopp said Salah will be his mainstay up front against ManCity.

Liverpool FC – Salah was rested by Klopp in the match against Benfica in the Champions League quarter-final second leg. Klopp has reasons for this decision.

He admitted that he had to rest Mohamed Salah, both physically and mentally. Because, Klopp felt Salah was so tired.

The toughest period in his career is being lived. This is only temporary, because we have to reset, Juergen Klopp said, quoted by the Daily Mirror .

1. Wrong heavy load

Salah, according to Klopp, needs a special room. Because, he has just lost to Senegal twice in important events.

When appearing in the African Cup of Nations, Salah lost to Sadio Mane in the final. Then, Salah lost again in the 2022 World Cup Qualification play-off, Qatar.

His role is so central, extraordinary. He has such a heavy task on his shoulders. But he has never fully recovered, said Klopp.

2. Always get demands

Klopp admits that Salah is very difficult to get space lately. With his superstar status in Egypt and Liverpool, Klopp felt it was natural for Salah to receive high demands.

Everyone demands that he is better. Of course, it’s not easy. It’s time for us to give him space. Everything is normal, said Klopp.

3. Definitely rise against ManCity

However, against ManCity, Klopp stated Salah would be at his best level. He believes Salah will be a nightmare for Manchester City.

Players like Mo like to dribble and are very good. He scores goals by dribbling too. I don’t want to stop him, just keep the ball, dribble at the right time, said Klopp.