‘Entrepreneur ♥’ Lee Hye-young, 28 million won ‘The Glory’ bag heard “I thought I was going with my husband”


[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Choi Ji-yeon] Singer and painter Lee Hye-young revealed her faint backside. On the 18th, Lee Hye-young posted several photos on her social media account with the words, “Yesterday.. at a dinner meeting, I prepared a look for ‘going together’ with the groom.. Wear sweats quickly and send Bora Bora and a fun Friday night.” has uploaded 

In the photo she shared, he showed a look that hadn’t been shown to the world before. Her white shirt, see-through flower skirt, and heeled shoes were gorgeous enough to catch her attention. 

In addition, the mini bag he holds in his hand is a luxury bag presented to Choi Hye-jung (Cha Ju-young) by Ha Do-young (Jeong Seong-il) in the Netflix original drama ‘The Glory’ to ask about the past of his spouse Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon) in the play. same. The price of this bag reaches a whopping 28 million won. 

Meanwhile, Lee Hye-young divorced broadcaster Lee Sang-min. She remarried in 2011 to an older businessman and has a daughter. Recently, she took on the role of MC on MBN’s ‘Doll Singles 3’ and was loved for her honest talk.