Entertainment! Latest Animated Movies to Accompany Your Weekend

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In addition to being entertaining , many animated movies have moral values ​​that can be taken. This can explain why animated movies are still a favorite among various circles.

Animated movies have attractive visuals, the color combination spoils the eye with beauty and the music that makes the animated movie has its own characteristics.

The following is a list of the latest animated movies that will accompany your weekend :

Turning Red
Turning Red is set in the city of Toronto, Canada. Turning Red tells the story of a girl named Meilin, who is obsessed with being a good and perfect child for her mother. This makes Meilin hide all the emotions she has and the things she likes in her heart. Until one day all the emotions that Meilin was hiding exploded and resulted in the hereditary secrets of her family being revealed. Turning Red is now on Disney Hotstar.

The Bad Guys
The Bad Guys tells the story of a group of clever criminals in the city, and has a unique collaboration because they have their own special skills. In order to avoid a prison sentence, this group of criminals must perform a fairly challenging trick of masquerading as model citizens. One of these criminal groups, the wolf lord, feels that being a good person is not a bad thing. The wolf master was trying to persuade his colleagues to be a good person. The Bad Guys has entered the list of upcoming movies.

Encanto tells the story of a girl named Mirabel from a wonderful family of madrigals, living among the mountains of Colombia. Each of the madrigals family has a unique magic power, but Mirabel doesn’t have it. Until one day Mirabel realized that her family magic was threatened, and she tried to return the magic. Encanto has aired on Disney Hotstar.

Hotel Transylvania : Transformania
The Hotel Transylvania series is always interesting to watch, because each Hotel Transylvania movie released has a different story plot. Like the movie Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, which was recently released, tells the story of the discovery of a Helsing van that can turn humans into ghost monsters and vice versa. Changes also occurred due to a fight between drac and Johnny, which finally made them uncomfortable and wanted to return to their original form. But something happened that they didn’t expect, namely the discovery of van Helsing that actually worked because of a stone that only existed in the middle of the amazon forest. And finally they set out on a journey to find the stone. Hotel Transylvania : Transformania is now on Disney Hotstar.

That the information about the 4 Latest Animated movies to Accompany Your Weekend, hopefully it will be useful.