Doctor Strange film that he made does not deviate from the comic version

According to the senior actress who has played in the film Constantine (2005), the character of The Ancient One is very calm, wise, and never makes a fuss about small things. But even so, don’t try to annoy Stephen Strange’s mentor. Because he is very good at fighting.

One more interesting thing, which is also different from the comic version, in this film version, there are no really bad characters. The only antagonist in Doctor Strange is Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen). A former disciple of The Ancient One. Then betrayed. It is said that, for some reason, Kaecilius tried to kill the teacher and steal the secret of his knowledge. In addition, he also wants to awaken the dark power from another dimension.

Besides Kaecilius, as the antagonist, there is also Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Doctor Strange’s classmate. Both are disciples of The Ancient One. However, even so, in this version of the film, director Scott Derrickson only describes Karl Mordo as a very ambitious figure. The characters are not as evil as in the comic version.

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However, although several characters are different from the comic version, Scott Derrickson stated. The director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) is very attached to the original story. Written by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Derrickson admitted that he only slightly adjusted the plot of Doctor Strange’s story. So that it can be summarized in a film that is less than two hours long. In addition, it also retains the original Doctor Strange setting. The bold, dark, and eccentric ones. As a result, Marvel Studios had to pay extra. To work on visual effects according to his request.

In refining this Doctor Strange film, the challenge is indeed big. Because, the story, concerns the magical and supernatural world. Which is different from other superhero films. Which puts forward the advanced technology. In terms of story, perhaps, this film is more absurd and less logical for ordinary audiences.

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To overcome this, Scott Derrickson tried to make the story of Doctor Strange film more fun. So that the whole family can enjoy it. In addition, so that the audience is not confused, Derrickson also tries to package the Doctor Strange theme, which is heavy, serious, and complex, in such away. To keep it entertained and invite laughter. Like other Marvel superhero films.

And, as a result, after holding the world premiere (aka premiere) in Hong Kong on October 13, 2016, Doctor Strange immediately received a standing ovation. Various review sites and critics gave a very positive rating. Some say Doctor Strange is one of the most satisfying Marvel superhero films ever made!

At the box office, it is hoped that Doctor Strange will be able to earn a minimum of USD 225 million from the domestic market. However, even so, seeing the audience’s interest, it is not impossible, this USD 165 million budget film will be able to penetrate USD 500 million globally. In addition, some even say, Doctor Strange will be able to compete with Captain America: Civil War (2016). Which became the highest-grossing film of the year. Which earned income above a billion dollars.

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