December 2, 2021



Call of Duty 2022 will be the sequel to Modern Warfare (2019), according to the leaker popular

The new installment of the saga Call of Duty, which will arrive in the year 2022, could be the sequel to Modern Warfare that was released on 2019. The Leaker has been detailing some more information.

The video game industry tends to look to the future even if the present has not yet arrived. And, in spite of the fact that Call of Duty Vanguard has not yet launched, there are already people who are eyeing next year and on the new installment of the saga.

Leaked first Call of Duty 2022 is already known. Tom Henderson, a leaker and insider commonly associated with stories like COD or Battlefield, and that has been true in the past, have been talking about this game.

Henderson called Call of Duty the next course as a Project Cortez , developed by Activision and Infinity Ward, which will be the sequel to Modern Warfare that we see in 2019 and offers an update in the saga.

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This information comes from leaks that occur on NVIDIA GeForce Now, where the file platform has revealed a lot of information. Do You want to see the new installment of Call of Duty Modern Warfare ?

The truth is that this game is break down the community of players and fans of the franchise first person shooter popular, although it could be an option Activision next.

Infinity Ward launched the Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War came from the hands of Treyarch and now Sledgehammer Games bring us Vanguard , so next turn can again to Infinity Ward.

Meanwhile, some problems are diagnosed in the beta Vanguard. The author responded to the visibility and the failure of the sound detected in testing . Meanwhile, Warzone will remain free but related to the main title.

Battle royale has been offering the appearance of his first map of the new tropical related to Vanguard and the Pacific front in World War II.

Call of Duty Vanguard approaching the release date of 5 November, and the players have to feel it with the public beta. However, this series follow the structure of the annual releases, which means, at the time the game was released, soon after that – speculation began about the next game in the franchise.

But it looks like the talks about the Call of Duty the next has started even before the Vanguard out. Euro COD leading Tom Henderson seems to have gained new information about the next game in the series, which seems to be being done with the title of the Project Cortez.

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Henderson consistently quite accurate with its information and is one of the figures most prominently in the community of Call of Duty. That is why, despite having to take this info with a grain of salt, it seems like a strong possibility.

At this point, Call of Duty has done a decent job to build up the universe along with the characters that appear in multiple games, or at least, mentioned.

is a group of Cpt Price which was eventually named the group at the end of the Modern Warfare (2019). Until now, no information in addition to which was given the code name Project Cortez, and follow up on Modern Warfare.

For example, Vanguard looks like it will also explore the origins of the Task Force 141, which is a group of Cpt Price which was eventually named the group at the end of the Modern Warfare (2019). Until now, no information in addition to which was given the code name Project Cortez, and follow up on Modern Warfare.

Game 2019 indeed leaves a lot of room for a sequel, especially after Cpt Price formed a Task Force 141, even dropping the name and eventually recruited John “Soap” MacTavish. Will be interesting to see if it runs exactly as Tom said and when Activision really confirm the title is currently in development.