October 19, 2021



Black Widow Film Review: Not the Only Show of Natasha Romanoff, Full of Conflict and Thrilling

duality of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame ends with not 100 percent relief. The reason is, there are several superheroes who died because of Thanos. One of them, Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson).

The Black Widow sacrificed her life for her best friend, Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). “Tell my family that I love them,” he said to Natasha as he flashed toward the bottom of the cliff.

“Tell me yourself,” said Natasha. Then, he lay at the bottom of the abyss lifeless. When the Avengers gathered, the absence of Black Widow was questioned by colleagues. Here’s a review of the Black Widow film , starring Scarlett Johansson .

Is it true that a Kara
By his surviving comrades, Black Widow is depicted alone. The only family he has is the Avengers team. Is it true that Natasha Romanoff’s fate is as tragic as that? Black Widow by filmmaker Cate Shortland answered it.

One night in 1995, the couple Alexei (David Harbour) and Melina (Rachel Weisz) took their two daughters, Natasha (Ever Anderson) and Yelena (Violet McGraw) to escape from the military pursuit by plane.

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They arrived in Cuba in dire conditions. The reason, Melina was shot. General Dreykov (Ray Winstone) then separates Natasha from Yelena. Apparently, in early genetic testing, Natasha’s fetus was thought to have a warrior mentality.

Little Girl Recruiting
She was recruited to become the next Black Widow. More than 21 years on, Natasha hears she’s not the only girl forced to turn into a “doll.” There were many girls who had their memories crippled and then trained in the Red Room.

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Working with Yelena, Natasha picks up Alexei in prison and then meets Melina, who is now raising pigs. There, they devise a strategy to infiltrate the Red Room.

Natahsha tries to free the girls from Dreykov. He believes that women have the right to choose and determine their own path in life. While the strategy was being drawn up, an unidentified plane landed at Melina’s residence.

Sharp Conflict
Black Widow has a specific character. He actually doesn’t have the magical power to control space-time like Doctor Strange or the Hulk that grows to destroy anything.

The first impression of watching Black Widow , the tempo of the story is fast with solid conflict. The formula is successful in making the film, which lasts more than two hours, doesn’t feel long-winded and long.

The sharpness of the conflict was felt even in the first 10 minutes. There is a mystery that is kept by the author and makes us keep asking what is really going on with Natasha Romanoff’s family. The audience is being chased.

Like Two Poles
Even if there is a pause to take a breath, we are not 100 percent welcome to relax. The reason is, there is an explanation of the background of the conflict and characterizations from why Natasha’s family was scattered to how hot it was with the other Avengers personnel.

Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh are like two different poles even though they are in the same “body”. Scarlett is consistently serious and has almost no sense of humor. It could be because from the start, Natasha was in a bad mood with the Avengers team.

Florence compensates with a whimsical style, sometimes moody and sentimental. However, for the matter of killing skills , you can compete with his brother. The clash of these two characters creates a side conflict that makes Black Widow even more excited.

Not a Single Show
Meanwhile, the main conflict actually feels expressive and just goes away. Luckily, she sticks to the physical standard, an identity that sets Black Widow apart from other superheroes.

In the hands of Cate Shortland, Black Widow did not necessarily become Scarlett Johansson’s only show. He still gave enough room to move for Florence, Rachel, even David.

Black Widow is interesting because of her own persona and the organization that surrounds her. He doesn’t need to bring in superheroes from other “provinces” to impress the audience.

More Grounded
From the start, Natasha Rumanoff and her family were down to earth. Placing themselves as if they were like us in general. Ndilalah , Natasha and her family have the mandate to save the earth. That’s the only difference.

With a humanist approach, she still has a heart even though most of the “chosen” women are conditioned to have no heart and memory. Not stuck on glorifying the feminine side, Black Widow deserves to be called one of the best superheroes this year.




Producer: Kevin Feige

Director : Cate Shortland

Author : Eric Pearson

Production: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

Duration: 2 hours, 14 minutes