ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Chosen To Be The Most Favorite Idol With Short Hair Style Willy Wonka’s Character


ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki Succeeded In Making The Public Fall In Love Thanks To His Sharp And Attractive Visuals.

Throughout each change before appearing in public, it seems that fans have the most favorite hairstyle.

Recently, ENHYPEN ‘s Ni-Ki was chosen as the “Most Favorite Shoulder-Short Hair Idol”. According to Whosfan, the global K-pop fandom platform on the 16th, the ” Factory ” which was played by Johnny Deep .

From the results of the poll on “(WhosPICK) Valentine Day Special”, Ni-Ki took the first position with 47.82% of the vote. In the position of Hyunjin Stray Kids occupied the second position with 37.18%. And then Jeonghan SEVENTEEN (II) took third place with a vote gain of 5.38%.

Since Ni-Ki has been chosen, Whosfan plans to publish special articles and run pop-up ads on the app for a week for the Japanese idol. This is because he occupies the first position in this vote.

Please note that this vote was compiled based on recommendations from fans received through Whosfan’s official social media account. In addition, this vote was chosen by idols who received a lot of love for their short hairstyles to be placed as candidates.

In addition to the three idols occupying the top three positions, the nominations were also filled by TXT ‘s Beomgyu , MONSTA X ‘s Hyungwon , Oh My Girl ‘s Yubin (formerly Binnie) , VIVIZ’s Eunha , Brave Girls’ Yuna and BLACKPINK ‘s Lisa ( Black Pink ). However, it seems that Ni-Ki’s appearance with his long, short haircut made fans fall in love with him so that they chose him as the first and most favorite.

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN recently released a documentary video showing how they became idols. This of course also shows Ni-Ki who grew up to be everyone’s idol.