English League: Ready to Disburse IDR 50 Trillion, Mohamed Alkhereiji Will Be Chelsea’s Savior?

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Alkhereiji will disburse £2.7 billion (Rp 50 trillion) to save the Blues from bankruptcy.

Currently, Chelsea is hit by a fairly complicated problem. The British government froze all of Roman Abramovich’s assets in Queen Elizabeth’s Country, including his holdings in the Blue London Team.

The decision was taken because Abramovich has a close relationship with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. It is feared the 55-year-old tycoon is backing Putin in launching an invasion of Ukraine.

The sanctions made Chelsea unable to carry out economic activities. Some of them are selling match tickets and merchandise, renewing player contracts, and buying and selling players.

As a result, the Blues’ finances became shaky and on the verge of bankruptcy. In fact, Chelsea do not have the money to buy gas for the team bus, and are reportedly unable to rent a private jet to transport players to away games.

Roman Abramovich has also taken the decision to sell Chelsea for 3 billion pounds (Rp 55 trillion). However, because Abramovich is being punished, the process of buying and selling ownership of the Blues will be taken over by the British government.

Targeted by Saudi Arabia’s Media Boss
A number of world conglomerates are interested in buying Chelsea shares from Roman Abramovich. Most recently, Mohamed Alkhereiji is interested in taking over the ownership of the London Blue Team.

According to a report by The Sun, Alkhereiji has prepared up to £2.7 billion to own Chelsea. This value is still below the number requested by Roman Abramovich.

Even so, Abramovich, is believed not to object to the offer. Moreover, he was asked to immediately leave and sell ownership of Chelsea.

Apart from Mohamed Alkhereiji, several tycoons are interested in becoming Chelsea’s number one, including British billionaire Nick Candy, Swiss businessman Hansjorg Wyss and American businessman Todd Boehly.

But of the three conglomerates, Mohamed Alkhereiji is at the forefront. The reason is, Alkhereiji has abundant funds to replace Roman Abramovich’s position.

Who is Mohamed Alkhereiji?
Alkhereiji is the owner of a consortium, Saudi Media Group and CEO of parent company Engineer Holding Group, which was founded by his father, Abdulelah Alkhereiji.

He was educated at Cass Business School, London and also spent three years working at Deutsche Bank. Based on several photos circulating, Mohamed Alkhereiji is a Chelsea fan.

Alkhereiji several times had watched the London Blue Team match live at Stamford Bridge. The last time he was at Stamford Bridge was when Chelsea drew 1-1 with Manchester United in November last year.

Not only Mohamed Alkhereiji, his children are also fans of the Blues. So do not be surprised if he really wants to be able to buy Chelsea from Abramovich.

Owning a company with an income of £770 million per hold, it is not difficult for Alkhereiji to control the majority stake in the London Blue Team. The presence of Mohamed Alkhereiji is expected to save Chelsea from bankruptcy.