End, 9 Familiar Portraits of the Gang of Five Friends of Twenty Five, Twenty One


The loyal audience of Twenty Five, Twenty One finally had to part with this one drama. Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Tae Ri, and friends said goodbye, because 2521 officially ended on Sunday (3/4/2022).

Not only will the audience be missed with the exciting exciting story full of motivation from Twenty Five Twenty One , the audience will also miss the gang of five friends from this drama which consists of the characters, Hee Do, Yurim, Yijin, Ji Ung, and Seungwan.

Well, even though the ending of 2521 made some viewers emotional, here are a series of sweet moments of intimacy from these five friends. When photos always look very compact, here!

1. It doesn’t make you bored in every episode, the audience also calls them the prik boy gang, because of their ridiculous behavior

2. Even though at the beginning their relationship was like water and fire, Hee Do and Yurim friendship from the middle to the end of this episode made them really jealous!

3. Despite the age difference, the characters Baek Yijin and Moon Ji Ung in 2521 can still be close like besties of the same age!

4. From these five friends, the audience learns to be friends who are always there and support their friends’ successes and failures

5. Hee Doo and Yurim attitude that is now always there and supports each other fencing careers is really really cute to see!

6. The original cast has a pretty big age difference, but their chemistry as friends makes viewers jealous of their closeness

7. These five friends are also referred to as one of the most compact friendship gangs in drakor, accompanying Hospital Playlist and Reply 1988

8. In episode 2521, it is said that even after graduation these four friends still often spend time together

9. Say goodbye to the audience of Twenty Five, Twenty One, I’m not really ready to be left with these five friends!

The drama is a complete package, Twenty Five, Twenty One really invites the audience to see the story of these five friends with various storylines, ranging from comedy, sad, romantic, to motivating. Apart from the annoying ending , 2521 is really warm, right?

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