Elkan Baggott, the Giant Who Becomes a Strong Wall at the Heart of the Defense of the Indonesian National Team and is the Public Worship of the country


Elkan Baggott is a solid wall at the heart of the Indonesian national team’s defense . The player with a height of 194 cm is now a public idol in the country thanks to his brilliant performance with the Garuda Squad.

His father is from England and his mother is from Indonesia.

As a child, Elkan Baggott lived in Jakarta for three years.

“That was my first team.

“From there, my career began. I joined Witham Town, a higher level, and was recruited by Ipswich Town U-18s,” added Elkan Baggott.

With Ipswich Town U-18, he became an important figure in the back line. Baggott’s brilliant performance earned him a call to the Indonesian national team . After defending the U-19 national team, Elkan Baggott entered the Garuda Squad in the 2020 AFF Cup.

Become a Mainstay at the Heart of Defense
Strengthening the senior national team, Elkan Baggott became a strong wall at the heart of the defense. He made his debut match with the Indonesian national team when he met Laos in the second match of Group B of the 2020 AFF Cup, last December 12.

Entering the field in the 46th minute, Baggott helped Indonesia win 5-1 over Laos.

Unfortunately, against the Vietnam national team on December 15 last, the 19-year-old player could not appear. He was required to undergo quarantine for five days because he was on the same plane with a person who tested positive for the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

After completing the quarantine period, Elkan Baggott can return to strengthen the Indonesian national team. He appeared when Indonesia underwent a life-and-death duel against Malaysia in the final match of Group B of the 2020 AFF Cup at the National Stadium, Sunday (12/19/2021) night WIB.

Having just played in the 46th minute replacing Ramai Rumakiek, Baggott appeared terrific. Having a tall posture and agile movements, Elkan Baggott often breaks the opponent’s attacks.

He also managed to register his name on the scoreboard in the 82nd minute after utilizing Evan Dimas’ corner kick. Thanks to Baggott’s contribution, the Indonesian national team won 4-1 over Malaysia.

Praised by the Homeland Public
The victory over Malaysia made the Indonesian national team qualify for the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals with the status of Group B winners. Indonesia gained 10 points, four points ahead of the Malaya Tiger Team who placed third.

Elkan Baggott’s brilliant performance earned him praise from the public in the country. In fact, the name Baggott had become a trending topic in cyberspace.

The following is the praise of netizens in the country to Elkan Baggott.