Elite (Neflix) – Review the lovely, hateful faces of the old season before loving and hating the new characters

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These are the characters that viewers love-hate the most in all 4 seasons of Elite.

There’s no denying that Netflix’s Elite series has been a global success, thanks in large part to its beautiful, charismatic cast of characters. Despite being students, some characters are well developed, such as Lu, which becomes more diverse throughout the series. But not every character in Elite is a fan favorite.

Let’s take a look at Moveek’s most loved/hated characters throughout the 4 seasons before embarking on season 5 of Elite , with new elements that can make you even more “bloody”.

1. Love: Lu (Danna Paola)

Lu is the character that has undergone the most personality development in the three seasons of the series. It’s hard to imagine that fans could like Lu but in the end, everyone fell in love with her intelligence and strength. Not only that, Lu also possesses witty lines, adding some much-needed humor to the film.

Lu’s fashion sense is extremely diverse, always wearing new designs that make viewers dizzy. Until deciding to part with Elite , Lu still had a meaningful ending, marking the maturity she had achieved. This iconic character will be remembered for years to come, even though Elite spans multiple seasons.

2. Love and hate: Carla (Ester Exposito)

Carla is a manipulative character who is not afraid of tricks to achieve her goals. She does what it takes to get what she wants and has no regrets.

Strength and drive set Carla apart, making her one of the most interesting characters in Elite . Carla is at the center of much of the conflict and witnessing her wise and bold actions has brought much excitement to this already lengthy series. But not everyone has feelings for Carla, especially in season 2, when she covers up Polo’s sins and takes advantage of Christian’s feelings. Over time, Carla has revealed more aspects of her personality, including hidden pain, making this character more colorful and more empathetic.

3. Hates: Samuel (Itzan Escamilla)

Samuel is the main protagonist of Elite and the first character that fans meet as the film progresses. Initially, many viewers were attracted to Samuel and felt bad for him, but over time, they quickly became annoyed with this character’s sunny and rainy personality.

Samuel was hated by viewers for his inconsistent development. Samuel’s motivations change rapidly for no reason, seemingly just to advance the story. This character has many complicated overlapping relationships, there is even an 18+ scene in season 4. Season 5 also suggests that this guy’s heart is restless with a talented girl like Ari. Truly the most evocative character of the Elite !

4. Love: Nadia (Mina El Hammani)

Unlike the rest of the characters, Nadia is extremely intelligent. In the first part, she is extremely innocent and obeys her parents. However, Nadia has a strong sense of self and some core values. Nadia matures and adapts to the school while staying true to herself.

Nadia protects the people she cares about. Aside from her frequent flaws, Nadia is a good listener. With time, she began to understand the views of her peers. Her willingness to speak up when needed and her ability to change have made Nadia a fan favorite.

5. Hates: Cateyana (Georgina Amoros)

Cayetana’s character had potential, but she failed to win over fans. Cayetana’s poor decisions and actions are the cause of most of the fights between the friends, but the character refuses to accept her responsibility for the destruction she brings to her friends.

Cayetana is extremely selfish and rarely shows remorse. She treats her mother horribly, and her relationship with some of the other characters, specifically with Polo, feels artificial and forced. For these reasons and many others, Cayetana is not a fan favorite.

6. Love: Omar (Omar Ayuso)

Omar is attentive, passionate, kind and reliable. Omar’s plot mostly revolves around his struggle with his identity. As a young gay Muslim, Omar struggles to balance his personal values ​​with the expectations of his family. Watching Omar grow up and come out of his shell is a joy for the audience.

7. Hates: Ari (Carla Diaz)

While her brother Patrick exists to sow discord between Ander and Omar, Ari appears to create drama in Samuel and Guzmán’s friendship. After three seasons Samuel and Guzmán overcame their many differences and became friends, Ari quickly ruined this development and made them hate each other. So it’s no wonder Ari makes the audience’s eyes itch.

Ari’s rough and disapproving treatment of her sister Mencía and Ari’s way of manipulating her father’s favoritism does not benefit her either. The writer tries to make the audience sympathize with Ari by showing that the character sacrifices his own desire to be a perfect and obedient child, but that factor doesn’t do much. Her appearance was simply too reluctant in the friendship born of the storm and loss during the three seasons of Samuel and Guzmán. That alone made her lose serious points in the eyes of the fans.

8. Love: Rebeka (Claudia Salas)

Rebeka is one of Elite ‘s most compassionate, mature, loyal, and sensitive characters . She truly cares for those she loves and will do anything to protect or help them. She’s with her mother, Samuel, and Mencia as they struggle with issues like prison, murder charges, and blackmail, even as others turn their backs on them.

However, Rebeka is no fool and would not be in a toxic relationship and when her loved ones actively choose to cheat and hurt her. When she found out that her mother lied to her about no longer dealing in drugs and Samuel lied to her about installing a recording device in the police waiting house, she ended their romantic relationship. with Samuel and away from his mother. Rebeka knows how to stand up for herself, something the audience thinks other characters should learn from her.

9. Hates: Patrick (Manu Rios)

Patrick’s main aim is to sow discord in Ander and Omar’s relationship, happily trying to destroy one of the show’s best couples. During this time, Patrick sexually assaults both Ander and Omar, making him an unreliable character.

Aside from being a selfish character with no moral boundaries and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, Patrick has no good personality. When the writer tries to show that Patrick is vulnerable to make up for his unresolved issues, it’s harder for Elite fans to empathize with him because that’s not enough for what the character has done.

10. Love: Mencía (Martina Cariddi)

Mencía is the only lovable member of her family. It was painful for Mencía to be abandoned and become a burden to her father and brothers and sisters. This drives her to become rebellious and reckless. Outside of his family, Mencía builds meaningful relationships with figures like Rebeka. Thereby Mencía shows a sweet, compassionate, sensitive and intelligent side that her family does not recognize. Not only was her family abusive, but Mencía was also threatened, blackmailed, and physically assaulted by the terrible Armando. But after all, Mencía still finds the strength to open up to her loved ones.

This is also the character that makes the Blanco Commerford family a little less obnoxious. When Mencía needed them, they all came to support and protect her. While it wasn’t enough to make up for the hurt they unwittingly brought to Mencía, it was enough to set a new beginning for the family.