Elite Class Channels Ouran High School Host Club – in the worst way


The similarity between the elite class and Ouran High School Host Club is a traumatic and embarrassing scene.

Premiering in the 2022 summer anime season, the light novel series “Elite Classroom” is the second season written by Shogo Kinugasa and drawn by Shunsaku Tomose, and the latest third episode shows the dark side of the protagonist Kiyotaka. Ayanokoji. .

In episode 3, “The Best Soul Can Do Not Only the Best Virtues, but the Best Crimes”, Ayanokoji places his power on his classmate Kei Karuizawa, making his plans available. However, Ayanokouji’s actions reminded viewers of a similar situation at the Ouran Bisco Hatori Middle School Host Club involving Kyoya Ootori and Kasuga Fujioka.

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In the story of the upcoming Elite Class Season 2, the students have to complete another “special test”. The four classes were divided into several groups, each class consisted of several students. Each group must find a “VIP” student to earn points. In Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s group, he finds that his peers refuse to cooperate and take matters into their own hands.

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji uses his classmates to get good grades in exams. Ayanokoji learns that Kei Karuizawa and Yosuke Hirata‘s relationship is fake and their relationship is a cover to protect him from bullying. Shiho Manabe, Nanami Yabu, and Saki Yamashita can’t fully protect Karuizawa… These C-class girls accuse Karuizawa of pushing their friend Rika Morofuji.

After hearing this information, Ayanokoji opened a private opportunity for the C-class thugs to confront Kei Karuizawa. to humiliate After the bully leaves, Ayanokoji confronts Karuizawa, calling him weak. As seen, he pretended to blackmail her in exchange for sexual favors. Soon after, Karuizawa shared her experience of abuse and revealed that she was willing to give up her own body to hide her secrets and trauma from the public.

Upon learning that Karuizawa is willing to sacrifice himself to keep the secret, Ayanokouji disguises “blackmail” as protection. , said that if Karuizawa is harassed by them again, he will reveal it.In exchange for Ayanokoji’s protection, Karuizawa must help him win the D-class exam.

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji’s actions mirrored those of Kyoya Ootori, a member of Ouran High School’s host club. taught the importance of At the beach, Haruhi tries to save some girls who are being threatened by drunken men. rice field. Tamaki saves Haruhi and scolds him for his carelessness.

Haruhi didn’t understand Tamaki’s point of view until Kyouka intervened.Haruhi entered Kyouya’s room, and Kyouya pinned Haruhi to the bed as if to sexually assault her. He points out that we should seek help during these life-threatening moments, rather than experiencing hardships in our lives.

In both situations, sexual violence is used as an “educational method” in which the male protagonist teaches his female counterpart the importance of seeking male help. She has to rely on Ayanokouji to protect her, but in the Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi has to rely on her male clubmates when she needs help or is in danger. It seems to uphold traditional gender roles, with men acting as protectors and providers for women, women being “suffering women” and men needing to save women. In addition, these scenes deliberately push the plot, allowing the protagonist to learn and grow from their personal traumas and challenges.

However, forcing male characters onto female characters is a disturbing narrative trick. The audience saw the look of fear on Karuizawa and Haruhi’s faces when their coworkers put them in this situation. It begs the question of whether the action is worth the emotional turmoil this female character causes.


In the classroom of the Elite Series, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji makes many questionable decisions regarding his peers. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is a stoic and cunning man. He cannot communicate well with others, so his words and actions hurt others. However, his behavior towards Kei Karuizawa was even worse.

Forgiving the bully is one thing, but to add insult to injury by threatening to sexually assault her and further damage her self-esteem is demoralizing. However, this act is inhumane as Class D is willing to emotionally hurt someone in order to pass the exam. His plan could easily backfire.

Things might be different without the sexual harassment scene. Ayanokouji was tortured by a bully and caused considerable damage to Karuizawa. The scene of sexual harassment was unnecessary because Ayanokouji was influential enough to help Karuizawa. However, the scene emphasized that Karuizawa was so depressed that he was not disloyal to Ayanokouji.

You can see the “good intentions” behind the actions of Kiyotaka Ayanokoji and Kyoya Ootori, but that doesn’t make female characters like Haruhi Fujioka or Kei Karuizawa confusing. Violent scenes are uncomfortable to watch. So the question is whether anime series should continue to use sexual violence to develop stories and characters, at the expense of the viewer’s ability to relive the trauma.