Elanga is confident that Ronaldo has broken the Brentford goal to do this


Manchester United young star Anthony Elanga went viral after the win over Brentford, because of his confident action when Cristiano Ronaldo was about to execute a penalty.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored Man United’s second goal in a 3-0 win over Brentford, Tuesday (3/5) . The goal was born in the 61st minute.

Apparently something caught the attention of netizens and went viral. It was the action of Anthony Elanga, just as Ronaldo was about to take a penalty.

When CR7 was preparing to kick the round skin, Elanga’s eyes were still fixed on the white spot. But what is different from other players, the 20-year-old Swedish footballer has started running to the corner!

Anthony Elanga ‘s actions are believed to be a form of his belief that Cristiano Ronaldo will break into the Brentford goal. So Elanga is getting ready to celebrate in the corner of the field.

In the match itself, Anthony Elanga played a role in Bruno Fernandes’ opening goal for Man United. Elanga made an assist in the goal in the ninth minute.

“Positive movement from Elanga, very positive,” said former United captain Roy Keane in comments at the Sky Sports studio, discussing United’s first goal against Brentford.

“Beautiful pass. (Elanga) has a bright future for sure. Everything he does on the pitch is always positive.”

Another goal from the Red Devils against Brentford was scored by Raphael Varane in the 72nd minute, capitalizing on a ball from Alex Telles.