Efforts to adapt Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels into films


Lee Child’s name has become known as a well-known author since publishing his first book, entitled Killing Floor, in 1997. The novel which is based on the adventures of Jack Reacher won the Anthony Award: Best First Novel. The success of Killing Floor, in the end, spurred the writer whose real name is Jim Grant to continue the story of Jack Reacher. Which is told by a former United States military policeman.

And, no half-hearted, every year, Lee Child consistently releases new novels. In fact, in one year, up to two books! From 1997 until now, recorded, there have been 20 Jack Reacher novels that have been published. His latest series, the 21st, entitled Night School, will be released next month. To be precise, on November 8, 2016.

Have been carried out since 1997 by PolyGram and New Line Cinema. However, because it never materialized, the rights to film Jack Reacher were later acquired by Paramount Pictures. In collaboration with Cruise/Wagner Productions. Back in 2005.

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The Jack Reacher film project began. However, what was brought to the big screen was not his first novel (titled Killing Floor), but One-Shot. The new one was published in 2005. Which is the ninth novel in the Jack Reacher series.

Although the production process took a long time, the first film, entitled Jack Reacher, was finally released on December 21, 2012. Which then got quite a positive rating from various review sites. At that time, the charismatic performance of Tom Cruise, who played the character of Jack Reacher as the main hero, received much praise from critics.

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However, even though it was considered good critically, at the box office, the film released by Paramount Pictures faltered. And, finally, stuck at the figure of USD 218 million. Indeed, from these results, you could say, Jack Reacher has returned his investment. Because the budget is “only” USD 60 million. However, for the size of a film starring Tom Cruise, the income is, arguably, low.

Jack Reacher’s follow-up project was threatened. Usually, Paramount Pictures will only be interested in making a sequel if the first film earns (at least) USD 250 million. In addition, they also still have to convince Tom Cruise. So that the budget is not too increased from the inaugural series.

However, even though it was vacillating, the certainty to produce a sequel to the Jack Reacher film, finally, was announced on December 9, 2013, ago. To be precise, after Paramount Pictures reached an agreement with Skydance Productions. The story of the second film is taken from a novel that was just published at that time. The title is Never Go Back. Which is the 18th book in the Jack Reacher series.

In this second film, which is set four years after his adventures in the first film, Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) is “back home” to his old headquarters: the 110th United States Military Police Corps. In Virginia. However, when he arrived there, the figure who was good at fighting was instead charged with the murder of a 16-year-old boy. What happened when he was still on duty.

In addition, Jack Reacher also finds his former boss, Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders), being detained.