Easter eggs and interesting references episode 1


1. Broken glass in Arthur Harrow’s shoe

Instead of directly showing the main character, Moon Knight actually opened with a “ritual” scene that Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) did. He started by dipping his finger in the water in the glass, drinking it, then breaking the glass with his wand. After that, Arthur put the broken glass in his shoes which he then wore to walk.

Indeed, in this series, Arthur appears as a cult leader, different from the comics which feature him as a “crazy” and sadistic scientist. However, in the Moon Knight comic, Arthur is a scientist who experimented in extreme ways to create a way for humans not to feel pain.

Well, this scene of Arthur walking with broken glass in his shoes is also a reference to the comic version of Arthur trying to find a way to relieve pain.

2. The hidden meaning behind Moon Knight’s opening song

The ritual scene in Moon Knight’s opening is accompanied by the song “Every Grain of Sand” by Bob Dylan. Not random, this song actually has a special meaning related to the journey of the Moon Knight story. “Every Grain of Sand” is one of Dylan’s most spiritual songs that he did when he rediscovered his faith.

The song lyrics that talk about confession in the midst of the most difficult times are similar to the story of Marc Spector aka Moon Knight in the comics. Had died in the middle of the desert, Marc was revived by the Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu and eventually became the figure of the Moon Knight.

3. A shop called Atlantis which could be a reference from Namor

One easter egg that looks really only at first glance is a shop. The name of this shop is Atlantis. Seen when Steven was chasing the bus to go to work.

Well, this Atlantis could be a teaser for the presence of Namor, the Marvel version of Aquaman. Rumor has it that the king of Atlantis will debut through the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which will air this year.

4. The QR Code in the museum that viewers can actually scan is a teaser of the upcoming MCU series, Werewolf by Night

While talking to a child who visited the museum where he worked, there was a scene showing a QR code pasted on the museum wall. Apparently, the QR code can actually be scanned. If you successfully scan it, you will be directed to the Marvel Unlimited page which provides a free e-comic for the Werewolf by Night #32 comic.

The comic, which was released in 1975, was the debut of Moon Knight, who at that time was a werewolf hunter. Interestingly, Marvel Studios is currently working on the Werewolf by Night series, which is planned to be a special series that will be released on Halloween 2022. Reportedly, the Disney+ series has already started its production process at this time.

5. Decorative Egyptian artifacts in the aquarium of Gus, Steven’s pet fish

If you pay attention, Steven’s pet goldfish aquarium has a number of decorations that are not far from Egyptian artifacts, from miniature pyramids to boats. Not just decorations, these artifacts have important meaning in the afterlife according to Egyptian mythology.

The pyramids are tombs that store the bodies of the pharaohs while their spirits will travel to other realms to be judged by the god Osiris. When a person has a “light” heart, he/she has the right to board a boat to sail to the “Land of Two Fields” which is heaven.

6. The figurine Steven talks to is a reference to Bertrand Crawley, Marc’s informant in the comic Moon Knight

In the series, there is a scene when Steven sits chatting with a gold-colored statue man. He told about his daily life, while the statue man just listened and didn’t answer.

Well, the statue man is a reference to Bertrand Crawley’s character in the Moon Knight comic. Bertrand himself is a homeless man living on the streets of New York who becomes one of Marc’s best friends. He also often acts as an information provider for Marc.

7. The name “Duchamp” written on the mysterious cellphone that Steven found is not just any name

When he finds a hidden cellphone in his residence, Steven checks for missed calls, most of which come from the name “Layla”. Among the names that appeared, there was the name “Duchamp” which was not just any name.

In the comics, Jean-Paul Duchamp aka Frenchie is Marc’s best friend. They also worked together when Marc became a mercenary. In fact, it was Duchamp who was also by Marc’s side when he was killed by Raul Bushman before being revived by Khonshu.