Early Black Adam Reviews Highlight Dwayne Johnson And His Action, But “You’ll Forget It Tomorrow”

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The main American media publish their first reactions to the new DC movie with Dwayne Johnson and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.

Black Adam , the new movie from DC and Warner Bros. that aims to change the hierarchy of power in the DCEU, is almost here. And it is that a few days after its premiere in theaters -scheduled for this same Friday , October 21, 2022-, the first criticisms are already beginning to appear on the part of the specialized American media, who have been able to enjoy the film through its premiere . And despite the fact that the first comments highlight the performance and presence of The Rock , as well as the level of action captured on screen by its director Jaume Collet-Serra, its reception has been somewhat cold, also achieving only 42% in its debut on Rotten Tomatoes .

First opinions on Black Adam
We start with the main specialized entertainment media such as The Hollywood Reporter , where it is ensured that “it does justice to the character, preparing him for adventures that we hope are less predictable than this one . On the other hand, from Variety they point out that “the film, surprisingly serious, deprives Johnson of his great superpower (his sense of humor) while giving the star the opportunity to play a character with some interesting contradictions ”. From Screen Rant they point out “although the plot is repetitive and the characters unconvincing, Black Adam is enhanced by Johnson’s interpretation .”

The Washington Post continues with “predictable action sequences, grueling fights, and the forced sacrifice of someone important, but with a theme that gives it some flavor…though it’s not clear if it’s enough to set Black Adam apart in a world that he already has too many superhero movies”, while in Rolling Stone they sentence: “As a star vehicle for The Rock it is just boring .

He has rhythm, and blasts, and you will forget her tomorrow ,” according to The Telegraph. Although we still have to cite some of the less positive reviews, starting with IndieWire: “It desperately wants to be a darker version of the same burger that has been served to the public over and over again for the last 15 years. There isn’t a single character that doesn’t look like a cheap Xerox of one from Gotham or the MCU, not a single twist that doesn’t seem to have been tested ad nauseam, not a single fight scene that isn’t suffocated by the character’s trademark CGI . saga”.

“A superhero movie, but worse . So hard to watch that it seems like it wants to gloss over the pretense of being a real movie,” they continue on SlashFilm. Finally, New York Post sentences with “as thoughtless and stale as the rest of the horrible catalog of DC Comics”. It seems that he has not completely convinced this last medium.

Black Adam opens in theaters on October 21, 2022 .