Dwayne Johnson: “‘Black Adam’ represents a new era in the DC Universe”

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Dwayne Johnson, one of the highest paid men in Hollywood, will have from this Friday the power and responsibility to mark the future of the lucrative DC Comics franchise with “Black Adam“, a premiere that he himself describes as the “beginning of a new stage” in the superhero genre.

“‘Black Adam’ represents a new era in the DC universe, with new scenarios and complex and diverse characters in terms of representation,” said the actor in an interview with EFE in Los Angeles, before starting the long tour with which he has wanted to promote the film, directed by the Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra.

The actor, dedicated body and soul to the project, visits Madrid this Wednesday as the end point of a tour that has also taken him to Mexico City, New York, Toronto, Atlanta, Miami and London.

And it is that Warner Bros., owner of the rights of DC Comics, wants to make it clear that the new film in the saga represents a turning point for the film label responsible for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Joker himself being immortalized at the cinema.

After the uneven reception of titles like “The Suicide Squad”, “Justice League” and “Birds of Prey”, which left the studio without a clear direction, it could be said that the signing of the imposing Johnson -also known as “The Rock” – is your single card bet.

And for this they have chosen a character who debuted in the comic book factory as a villain in 1945, reappeared as an ancient Egyptian hero in the 70s and, now, jumps to celluloid in the middle of 2022.

The funny thing is that the actor already signed for the saga in 2014 to play Black Adam in “Shazam!”, but the producers were so impressed with the camera tests that they decided to give him a solo movie and a budget of more than 200 million dollars for its debut.

“What I love most about Black Adam is that he will do anything to protect his people, his country and his family,” Johnson replies flatly.

Set in a universe clearly inspired by the cities of the Middle East, “Black Adam” opens with its protagonist confused to find that the ancient civilization in which he grew up, Kahndaq, is a modern metropolis that bears no resemblance to the old days.

Released from prison, where he has spent thousands of years, he must adapt to a new world in which his aggressiveness and peculiar way of dispensing justice will run into a group of superheroes, known as the Justice Society of America, who will try to stop his crimes. Actions.

“There is a gray area where the viewer may not agree with ‘Black Adam’ and what he does, but you understand because he is full of rage,” he argues.

This confusion between good and evil, a division that is sometimes too evident in the superhero genre, is what for Johnson makes this title a “more compelling” proposal.

He is so sure of his bet that the person in charge of franchises as successful as “Fast & Furious” has been going to all possible events for months to convince fans of the genre that this time, DC Comics has hit the nail on the head.

At this past San Diego Comic-Con, Johnson himself appeared at the convention suspended in mid-air and in disguise to introduce the trailer launch. Weeks later, he did not hesitate to personally attend the first press screenings organized in Los Angeles and, as a culmination, he spent the month of October between Europe and the Americas to do all the possible promotion.

“People who like action will be satisfied, fans of superheroes as well and those who are looking for a little more depth, with philosophical themes, oppression and freedom … we also offer it,” defends Johnson.