Dwayne Johnson: a Jumanji 4 after Black Adam?


Released in December 2019 at the cinema, Jumanji Next Level, broadcast tonight on TF1, will he be entitled to a sequel?

In December 2017,  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle gathered 3.4 million viewers in France and garnered $962 million in global box office revenue for a budget of $90 million.

This score obviously convinced the producers to start the sequel: Jumanji: Next Level . Released in December 2019, the film grossed $800 million internationally and totaled 3.2 million admissions in France.

However, despite this success, a  4th film (the 1996 episode is considered the first) has still not been officially announced. The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed negotiations, as director  Jake Kasdan pointed out in April 2020.

“We are just starting to talk about all this. We had just started the discussions when the global pandemic arrived.

We like working together and we liked making these films. There will be another film, but for the moment we are trying to determine what it will be“ , he specified at the microphone of Collider.......

In addition,  Dwayne Johnson has chained large-scale projects such as the action film Red Notice , broadcast on Netflix. He was also very involved in the creation process of Black Adam , in addition to being the main role.

Besides, Jake Kasdan monopolized the comedian on another project called Red One , an action blockbuster where The Rock will co-star with Chris Evans . It will be released in 2023 on Prime Video.

The agenda of Dwayne Johnson and the director is therefore very busy at the moment. However, according to producer Hiram Garcia , Jumanji 4 is still in the works.

“We talk about it, we often have discussions with the whole group that worked on the films, it’s a real family. We started talking about the 4th part” , he revealed to ComicBook.com in March 2021.

“I can’t tell you anything yet, but it’s one of our biggest projects, one of our favorites too. We’re planning big things. All of this is on fire ,” reassured the producer.

A few months later, Hiram Garcia confirmed that all the stars would soon align to begin production.

“It’s going to happen. That’s for sure. And I can tell you this movie is going to be huge. We were discussing the pitch the other day, we’re going to pitch it to Sony soon. The movie is going to happen. It’s going to happen. after Red One. The schedule is right on time for all the actors,” he told Collider .

As a reminder, at the end of Next Level, animals escaped from the game to join our world. So it’s a safe bet that the next film will take place in our world and that the quartet will try to put things back in order.

A plot that comes close to the original film with Robin Williams . It remains to be seen to what extent the avatars of teenagers will be able to be introduced into the real world.

Until now, the new Jumanji films reversed the principle of the cult film of 1996: it was no longer the jungle that invaded the real world but the characters who were propelled into the jungle via a video game. 4 high school students then found themselves in the body of avatars with very different capacities.

Anyway, let the fans be reassured, Jumanji 4 will see the light of day. However, it won’t be for at least 2 years. You will have to be patient!

In the meantime, fans of Dwayne Johnson will be able to find him in Black Adam on October 19.