DVD “M-1 Grand Prix 2022” includes another story unbroadcast video, new shooting project “Arunashi Radio”


The DVD includes Westland, Kabe Poster , Kyu , Sayaka , Shinku Jessica , Diamond , Men’s Blanco , Yoneda 2000 , Long Court Daddy , Oswald who won the repechage, and 17 finalists. The state of the loser’s revival battle fought for the frame is included.

"M-1 Grand Prix 2022" main cut

In addition, there is also a director’s cut version of “Another Story” with unaired footage, and a newly shot project “Westland Radio”. In “Westland no radio”, Westland looks back on “that day of the final” with unreleased footage, and talks about “nothing” related to the theme sent by fellow entertainers and surprise guests.

The product comes with an application lottery ticket that wins an invitation to view the “M-1 Grand Prix 2023” semi-finals and finals. In addition, purchase benefits such as L-version raw photos are available at each target store. For details, please check the official website of Yoshimoto Music.