Dune image stream: here comes the main character!


Leto and Jessica, Chani and Stilgar, Thufir Hawat and Duncan Idaho… Great pictures coming from Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune !

Just we wrote that arrived in the first official pictures of the blockbuster Dennis Villeneuve fall, which the hill offers , and Vanity Fair has published a small flood of pictures.

The Dune, with its quirky worlds, logical equipment, but strange rules (for example, no firearms are effective, so everyone fights with knives), always captures the reader’s imagination. How would you describe a character protected by body armor in a film? What does the House of Atreides flag look like? What does the Fremen desert armor look like?

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And of course here are the actors – many of them played by the best actors of our time. Did they hit the way you imagined yourself? I admit, for me, Stilgar, played by Javier Bardem, for example, is spooky: a vivid animation of the way I imagine this tribal leader walking through such a glorious (and sad) trajectory for at least twenty readings.

Next to the protagonist Paul (Timothée Chalamet) on the right is Thufir Hawat (Stephen Mckinley Hederson), next to Prince Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac), the ruler of Caladan, who is forced to trade his comfortable paradise planet for a very comfortable one. profitable but very dangerous Arrak and his partner, but not his wife, mother Paul, the extraordinary priest of the Bene Gesserit order, Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson). In front of the eagle flag of the House of Atreides stand Gurney Halleck (Josh Brolin) and Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa).

And here is Chani, Fremen (played by Csani – Zendaya in Hungarian)

Stilgar, Leader of the Desert Tribes (Javier Bardem) with director Dennis Villeneuve

The role of Liet Kynes was rewritten by Villeneuve into black and female characters. The imperial ecologist, whose surprisingly strong political-conservationist vision is one of the novel’s guiding elements in the novel, is still a white man in the original, but the director underestimates the role of women and their importance in 21st century terms – and Villeneuve says: Kynes is at the core of preservation and protection, and in his readings, it is the feminine nature that he lends to rewriting the character. This is the new Liet Kynes

For more pictures (like the Atreides combat mountain) and excellent descriptions, a serious visit to Vanity Fair is well worth it.

One interesting aspect: if one has studied it, one cannot fail to notice the aesthetic similarities to the scene of Arrival and Winged Bounty Hunter 2049: the same utilitarian, functional design, the same earth tones (which are undeniably the basic experiences of the Dune, even if you only imagine yourself reading it); Villeneuve clearly


he could comfortably combine Frank Herbert’s vision with his production style.

And it’s very, very good for the film as a whole – much of what we can expect from a decent Dune adaptation is the Peter-Jackson attitude: as Jackson builds with deep respect, but certainly in his own right, Rings Lord of the cinematic world. hitherto unchallenged, Villeneuve also seems to be taking on the role of an independent creator (as opposed to slave copying). There will certainly be radical changes (as was inevitable in the case of The Lord of the Rings), such as a Liet Kynes rewrite, but the director’s drawings now present give hope.