Dune “dreamed, designed and filmed to be seen at IMAX”, according to Denis Villeneuve


Denis Villeneuve continues to staunchly defend Dune’s cinematic experience, particularly in the IMAX format.

Tomorrow Dune is in theaters across Spain, the first part of the dialogue adapting Frank Herbert’s original novel, which was released in 1965 and is considered one of the premier science fiction works in history, amen one of the most influential.

This film, as you can see in the trailer and trailer, promises a spectacular cinematic experience. Denis Villeneuve has also been adamant for months.

However, Dune has found itself, like all film premieres since early 2020, with a pandemic that no one asked for and one that had a strong impact on the exhibition sector, hitting the box office hard.

This led to major studios such as Warner Bros. opt for alternative premiere formulas, such as simultaneous movie releases in theaters and on streaming platforms such as HBO Max. As will happen to Dune in the United States, the second largest film market.

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After a successful premiere at the Venice International Film Festival, Dune has been confirmed as one of the most anticipated films of 2021. Many critics praised the film Villeneuve and highlighted all its technical excellence.

Speaking to Deadline, Denis Villeneuve was quite sympathetic to the simultaneous release, but took the opportunity to claim, once again, that Dune is a film designed to be enjoyed on the big screen.

In fact, the director focused specifically on the IMAX format: “Dune is a dream movie, designed and shot with IMAX in mind. Seeing this film on the big screen is a physical experience. This film is designed to be as enjoyable as possible and I think the big screen is part of the language of that film. alone.”

Villeneuve has worked with the IMAX format in Blade Runner 2049, and hired The Batman and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story director of photography, Greig Fraser, to put the audience right on Arrakis.

Starting tomorrow, September 17th, you can enjoy Dune in theaters across Spain, in both IMAX and traditional formats.

Dune director Denis Villeneuve said the film was designed for IMAX. Villeneuve photographed most of Dune in real-world environments, including Budapest, Jordan, Norway, and Abu Dhabi, which are the main backdrops for Planet Arrakis. All films are shot with IMAX cameras to meet presentation format requirements. Villeneuve hired The Batman and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story photography director Greig Fraser to capture his vision for this new Dune adaptation.

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Villeneuve has been a staunch advocate of the theater experience since its inception, but has faced the same problems many filmmakers have faced in recent years; global pandemic and its effect on the box office. While Villeneuve has shown his support for the simultaneous release of Dune on HBO Max and in theaters, he has not hidden his preferred preference, saying that he views Dune as “a tribute to the big screen experience.” However, even with vaccinations and a thorough adjustment to life in the pandemic, Villeneuve believes it is time to get the film public.

Dune recently premiered in Venice and speaking from there (via Deadline), Villeneuve outlines not only the film’s theater experience, but specifically the IMAX experience. Villeneuve said the film was “dreamt of, designed and shot” for its format and is almost a “physical experience” watching a film that way. He went on to say that Dune was an “immersive” experience and that “the big screen is part of the language.” Check out the full comment below:

Villeneuve has experimented with IMAX cameras before, working with Roger Deakins on his latest film, Blade Runner 2049 to take advantage of the format for the big screen. Many filmmakers are staunch supporters of IMAX, including James Gunn, who recently released The Suicide Squad filmed entirely in that format (and also released concurrently on HBO Max).

With the pandemic still affecting theater attendances, getting people back into theaters is a rather difficult endeavor. However, as has long been predicted for the industry, the films that people prefer are the big-budget movies that are driven by viewing, like Villeneuve’s Dune. The IMAX format takes advantage of the largest possible presentation and it can become a more sought after theatrical experience by moviegoers as time goes on. With filmmakers continuing to shoot their films in the format and their own IMAX cameras that

getting ahead, it looks like IMAX isn’t going anywhere and that could help persuade those who are more worried about returning to post-Covid-era theaters.