Duh, Mandalika Circuit Reportedly Cancels the 2021 Asia Talent Cup Today


RockFM Lombok reports that the third series of the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup 2021 has been canceled at the Mandalika Circuit , Central Lombok on Sunday (11/14/2021) afternoon WITA.

Through its Instagram account and website, RockFM Lombok reports that the first race of the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup 2021 at the Mandalika Circuit should start at 12.00 WITA or 11.00 WIB.

From RockFM Lombok’s report at the Mandalika Circuit, the cause of the cancellation of the 2021 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup race was allegedly due to a lack of marshalls or workers responsible for race safety.

Reportedly, the Mandalika Circuit failed to meet the number of eight marshall officers in each post until ten minutes before the race started.

As a result, Dorna as the organizer is said to have chosen to cancel the 2021 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup race at the pride of Indonesia circuit.

Already Hold Qualifying Round
Previously, the 2021 Asia Talent Cup held a qualifying round on Saturday (11/13/2021) at the Mandalika Circuit . As a result, Danial Saharil became the leader.

Malaysian rider recorded a time of 1 minute 47.946 seconds, 0.072 seconds ahead of the rider Australia, Carter Thompson.

There are six Indonesian racers who should have performed at the Mandalika Circuit in the 2021 Asia Talent Cup today. The six are Fadillah Aditama, Reykat Fadillah, Herjun Firdaus, Azryan Dheyo, Herlian Dandi, and Veda Pratama.

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The Mandalika Circuit , Lombok will make its debut by holding the Asia Talent Cup racing event today. The Asia Talent Cup will hold two races at once.

The first race took place at 11:00 WIB. Then race 2 will be held at 15:00 WIB. All are 16 laps long. Of course, it’s worth waiting for the Indonesian racers to fly the red and white flag in Indonesia the Mandalika Circuit .

On Saturday (11/13/2021), the Asia Talent Cup event held a free practice and qualifying session at the Mandalika Circuit .

The result is a one-brand racing event and a 250cc Honda motorbike is currently dominated by a Malaysian racer, Danial Saharil.

Because in free practice and qualifying at the Mandalika Circuit, Danial Saharil has always succeeded in being the fastest.

In free practice, his record time was 1 minute 49.380 seconds. Then he sharpened his best lap during qualifying to 1 minute 47.946 seconds.

So what is the starting position of Indonesian drivers in today’s race at the Mandalika Circuit? Let’s scroll down to find out.

Starting Position of Indonesian Racers
Starting Position of Indonesian Racers in the Asia Talent Cup Race at the Mandalika Circuit

7. Fadillah Aditama (Indonesia)
9. Reykat Fadillah (Indonesia)
10. Herjun Firdaus (Indonesia)
12. Azryan Dheyo (Indonesia)
14. Herlian Dandi (Indonesia)
15. Primary Vedas (Indonesia)