Due to War, The Batman Postpones Release in Russia!


In March 2022, we have the latest superhero film from DC, namely The Batman. The film, which involves Robert Pattinson as the actor of the Dark Knight, will be released in a number of Indonesian cinemas starting March 2.

Even so, it was recently revealed that there is one country that has experienced a delay in the release of The Batman film, namely Russia. .
. We will continue to view the situation as it develops. Warner Bros. said. like launching Screen Rant.

Apart from Warner Bros. delaying the release of The Batman, there are also several studios that do the same as a form of criticism of Russia. Starting from Disney delaying the release of Turning Red to Sony Pictures canceling the screening of all its films, including Morbius. Most likely, the entire film will only be released when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine ends peacefully.