Drama Review: Wednesday, Netflix’s New Series that Wins More than 310 Million Hours of Premiere Views


The Deadline website notes that the Netflix series Wednesday managed to break the record as a supernatural genre series which has watched 341.23 million hours in its first week. This figure beat Stranger Things 4 as the previous record holder.

Starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, the series chronicles her journey as a student at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday himself is trying to master his newly acquired psychic abilities. So, for those of you who are still unsure about watching the full story, see my review for this trending series, come on!

Synopsis Wednesday
Wednesday Addams, who is the main character in this series, is a spin-off character from The Addams Family series created by cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938.

Coming from the Addams family, Wednesday and his younger brother, Pugsley, are often victims of public school bullying. Starting from his all-gothic appearance to his cold nature, Wednesday looks ‘weird’ in the eyes of his friends. Meanwhile, Pugsley tends to be weaker and reluctant to fight, so his younger brother often becomes the object of violence and bullying. Has an eccentric nature, making Wednesday transferred to Nevermore because he released piranha fish into the swimming pool to get back at the bully of his sister.

Nevermore Academy itself is a special school that contains isolated and strange children, such as monsters and even werewolves who are not accepted in the general public. Its location in the middle of a forest makes Nevermore Academy look mysterious.

At first, Wednesday rejected the idea, feeling that he didn’t want to be like his parents. For those who don’t know, Nevermore Academy is a school as well as the place where his parents first met. Based on the interesting synopsis, this series will take you into the adventures of Wednesday and other characters while at Nevermore Academy.

Wednesday’s arrival coincides with the tense situation that is happening around Nevermore Academy. Several people were found dead in unnatural conditions around the school location. On the other hand, the local police suspect this oddity is related to Nevermore itself. From his initial plan to escape from school, Wednesday is then interested in this situation. He even had a chance to meet the “Monster” who was suspected of being the perpetrator of the serial killers.

Not alone, Wednesday, who is introverted and likes to be alone, is actually involved and working with the local police to investigate this mysterious case. Not to forget there is also a classic character, the hand of ‘The Thing’ who becomes Wednesday’s partner in solving cases.

My opinion
Combined with typical teenage stories with a spice of romance, the Wednesday series has its own charm for lovers of mystery fiction series. Wednesday’s curiosity in this 8-episode series does not only find the mastermind of the case at school, but also provides a deeper explanation of the Addams family’s past, as well as secrets from Nevermore Academy that are rarely known.

I myself am very amazed and pleased with Jenna Ortega’s acting and totality in playing the role of Wednesday. Even though it was reported that Jenna had experienced COVID-19 during the shooting period, the filming process was still able to be completed properly. Thanks to his great abilities, he has now succeeded in becoming the quirky and viral Wednesday character discussed on the timeline.

Even though it seems light, the mysteries presented in the flow of this series manage to make you curious and you can’t stop watching it until it’s finished. Not to mention the cinematic graphics which are very captivating and pleasing to the eye, guaranteed to make you feel at home enjoying every scene in this fantasy series. You can watch Wednesday: Season 1 in full on Netflix. However, you need a lot of patience, because season 2 of Wednesday is said to be airing in 2027.