Drama Review The Second Husband


Drama Review The Second Husband – Annyeong ! The wedding drama is here again from MBC, with the title Second Husband which has been airing since August 9, 2021. Second Husband is also known as The Second Husband and the number of episodes is quite large, namely 120 episodes.

But don’t worry, each broadcast isn’t long, so it’s easy to watch it. If in Indonesia the model of the Love Association, yes, there are hundreds of episodes. The premise is, a husband who cheated on his boss and left his wife’s child. Jeez yes! Such is the situation, will the husband regret? Or will the wife avenge her husband’s actions?

Korean drama Second Husband Synopsis

Bong Seon-hwa and Moon Sang-hyeok’s marriage was blessed with a healthy and adorable child. However, Sang Hyeok is involved in an affair with his superior Yoon Jae-kyung and is willing to leave his wife and children.

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Drama The Second Husband Player
Cha Seo-won, plays Yoo Jae-min, the husband of Bong Seon-hwa who is quiet but has hidden feelings
Uhm Hyun-kyung as Bong Seon-hwa, a submissive wife, but is often abused by her in-laws because she comes from a poor family.
Oh Seung-ah, as Yoon Jae-kyung, a conglomerate kid who likes his subordinates
Han K-wong as Moon Sang-hyeok, Yoon Jae-kyung’s younger brother
Sung Byoung-sook as Gob-bun, Seon Hwa’s grandmother

Portfolio of The Second Husband Korean Drama
Title : Second Husband
Other titles: A Second Husband, The Second Husband
Genre : Melodrama, romantic, crime
Director: Kim Chil-bong
Screenwriter : Seo Hyeon-joo
Country : South Korea
Korean language
Release date : August 9, 2021
Duration : 40 minutes
Distributor : MBC
Number of episodes : 120 episodes
Showtimes: Monday-Friday at !9:15 WSK (Korean standard time)

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Watch The Second Husband Drama Review Review

I’m interested in watching this drama Second Husband, because of the title. Why a second husband? Usually the second wife, right? So curious about the story, so I watched a few episodes, I liked it. About the world of marriage, where the husband cheats on his boss at work.

When Bong Seon-hwa fought for her life to give birth to her child, uh… Yoon Jae-min’s husband had an affair with his boss. At first he wasn’t tempted, but because he was drunk with his co-workers he was tempted by Yoon Jae-kyung too. Until a few months unnoticed, everything went smoothly. It’s because Seon Hwa is having fun preparing for the wedding. You’re already husband and wife, how come you want to get married?

In South Korea, most of the Korean dramas I watch. This is why, as parents, we must accompany our children in watching shows. Do not let the habits there affect here. Although in fact many are pregnant first, just married. For Islam itself, this kind of thing is not allowed. I think this drama is a must watch for married people, even though from the title it can be seen that this is a story for married adults. But there is no label for adults only to watch on the cover.

So gradually his affair was exposed, because Seon Hwa saw his husband kissing in front of his parents’ house, with Jae-kyung. Seon Hwa immediately asked Jae-min dong for an explanation.

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There was a reply from her husband that he couldn’t stand his life with Seon Hwa. If you hang out in a cafe, you have to save money on buying a drink, you can’t eat casually. While with his boss he can even eat without bothering to pay, he is even the owner of his cafe, and branches of his own. Hearing the person he loved for so many years, it’s sad. She was crying and the sequel had to be watched for herself, hehehe… I don’t want spoilers. It’s still ongoing, this is a Korean drama. It’s suitable for those who don’t like long dramas, but there’s also something exciting about it.

Even though Seon Hwa’s other struggles, she has to endure the insults of her mother-in-law who every time insults her who comes from a poor family. So Bong Seon-hwa’s status is an ordinary family, while Yoon Jae-min is above Seon-hwa. Every day being scolded, but Seon Hwa holds back, so that he can accompany the person he loves. After giving birth, she immediately went to work, any part-time job as a marketer. He has to wear a chicken costume, sometimes fruit, and so on to collect money. The type of Korean drama that mothers like, as entertainment.

Lessons Learned from The Second Husband Korean Drama
Loyalty in a relationship must be maintained, otherwise it will destroy a household
Even if other people or your husband’s family don’t like you, keep doing good, you don’t need to be cruel to him. It is better to ask God to soften his heart
A mother’s struggle in raising a child is extraordinary, from giving birth, breastfeeding, and mentoring. So a child must love both.