Drama Recommendation: ‘She Would Never Know’


‘She Would Never Know’ Is Prepared As A Substitute For ‘Live On’ Which Will Fill The Monday – Tuesday Night Slot. The Drama Adaptation Of The Popular Novel Is Slated To Air From December 18.

Early in 2021, the Korean drama production team is ready to present a line of interesting shows. One that will be aired this January is the drama ” She Would Never Know “, directed by the JTBC channel.

“She Would Never Know” stars SF9’s Rowoon and Won Jin Ah . What other reasons do you think the drama adaptation of this popular novel is on the list of recommended dramas? Let’s take a look at the full article below:

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1. Main Couple
As mentioned above, “She Would Never Know” stars SF9’s Rowoon and Won Jin Ah. This drama couple has a 5 year age difference where Won Jin Ah is older than Rowoon.

Won Ji Ah made her acting debut in 2015 through films but the beautiful actress has also starred in a series of popular dramas such as ” Rain or Shine “, ” Life ” to ” Melting Me Softly “. He has also confirmed the new drama after “She Would Never Know” namely ” Hell “.

On the other hand, Rowoon who debuted in 2017 has starred in many drama projects starting from ” School 2017 “, ” About Time ” and ” Where Stars Land “. The handsome idol for the first time became the main character through ” Extraordinary You “.

2. Screenwriter
The script for “She Would Never Know” was written by the original novelist Elise in collaboration with Chae Yoon. This drama is directed by Lee Dong Yoon who has worked on many popular dramas such as ” Special Investigation Team “, ” The Greatest Love “, ” Fated To Love You ” and many more.

Director Lee Dong Yoon previously said, “When I first saw the title, I was really surprised. I have to admit that I was a little worried because the title was very straightforward and bold. But after reading the script, it became a serious love story.”

3. Dramatic Plot
Won Jin Ah will play the perfectionist Yoon Song Ah while Rowoon will play a dashing young colleague named Chae Hyun Seung, who has worked at the company for a year. Although Yoon Song Ah initially couldn’t see Chae Hyun Seung as a younger colleague, the man could only look at her.

Rowoon described his character in “She Would Never Know” by commenting, “If I had to sum it up in one sentence, Chae Hyun Seung is someone who is ready to love as well as ready to be loved.”

She has her own scars, but I don’t want her to look weak because of that.”

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4. Netizen Comments
As soon as the news of the casting of Rowoon and Won Jin Ah to star in “She Would Never Know” was released, many have given positive comments. Especially after the posters, scene photos and teasers were released, more and more people were looking forward to the broadcast.

Rowoon oppa’s spirit,” wrote a fan. They flow with chemistry and are very clear! Can’t wait for their drama,” continued another.

5. Showtimes
“She Would Never Know” is prepared as a substitute for “Live On” which will fill the Monday – Tuesday night slot. The drama, which also stars Lee Hyun Wook and Lee Joo Bin , will air from January 18 next.

Ahead of the broadcast, director Lee Dong Yoon had previously promoted “She Would Never Know” by saying, “The story is not just a sweet and simple romance between a couple with an age difference. I like the story that follows the beginning of their love story and how they work to protect them.” their love. Apart from the main couple, I also think that there are many interesting places due to the varied storylines of the other characters.”