Drakor Watch Poisoning, Who’s Fault?


Let me say that I like watching dramas and writing this down, both on my own blog and in the Drakor Class , at least I can’t poison people to watch dramas too. Explicitly, for example, recommending drama/film to non-drama viewers with the words “You watch this, it’s really good because…blablabla…” Wow, I never dared.

Except with my own husband, that’s so we can watch and talk together. But last time I did it , he still didn’t finish Uncanny Counter eps 2. Even though the drama has a fairly fast plot, I can’t imagine if Run On was offered, I would have been sleepy when I watched it.

Well, with my own husband, who can be forced, I can’t… especially with other people who have never watched dramas at all. What’s more, my persuasive efforts seem less effortless or maybe less persistent in promoting drakor explicitly.

Shy? No cyin, it’s not like that. After observing, there are also many who die hard but don’t show it, maybe it’s the shame or the jaim… that’s okay. I don’t. Just like my other hobbies, not everything has to be exposed continuously either.

It’s enough to just write a review and first impression of the drama on the blog , then whether other people are moved to watch it or not at all interested, it’s not my area anymore.

Just let the writing works.

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Drakor Poison, Drakor Poison, and Drakor Poison

Hahaha, the three of them are very toxic. Well, the other day, my Drakor Class friends and I were invited to broadcast on V Radio. At first, the broadcasters probably thought that we were crazy people who watched drama dramas staying up all day for so many episodes, haha.. no way baby, we only talk about drama rationally. In the sense that when you don’t have free time to watch, just postpone it, do the things that need to be done first, then the reward will be to watch dramas. Stay up late? if it’s worth and you’re free, go on.

Anyway, watching the drama is your own choice. Even if we were poisoned by a friend, we ourselves chose to continue and continue to be poisoned.

It’s different if there are friends who really like watching movies, and ask for recommendations, I’m sure I’ll pass on this recommendation. “Rel, poison me dong, what’s good watching?” yes hayuuu … do not crammed good titles. Or for example someone asks “is this drama good or not, what’s the story of this drama?” If I’m not asked I won’t start, people don’t always like being poisoned, it’s like being told to watch it when they don’t.

If Other People are Influenced

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This means that it is his own choice to be interested in drakor. Usually, when I find something emotional, the one that makes me happy, I just put it in the status or put it on the story-in. Blog posts that exist every day, I don’t always repost every day to remind that my work every day is not drama, wae.

Sometimes someone responds to my status, “This drama is good, isn’t it?” yes I answer as necessary, good or not. If he asks further and asks to be told then I will tell. If he’s also watching, then there’s a friend to talk to. If it’s not his genre, that’s fine.

No one is forcing you to watch drakor, you can just leave it if you want. Then don’t blame other people if you become addicted, for example, that’s our lack of being able to prioritize and not having good time management.

Enjoy and Gaja!!

For me, watching speed and watching a lot is not necessary at all. Please watch as much as you like, whether it’s after poisoning, after being poisoned, or drinking drakor’s own poison… just go!