Drakor Eve Proves Scandal Didn’t Stop Seo Yea Ji’s Career


Seo Yea Ji had a brilliant career in the South Korean entertainment industry. Before his face appeared in various Korean drama titles, Seo Yea Ji was first known as a movie star . The film Another Way (2017) catapulted Seo Yea Ji’s name in South Korea and made her enter the ranks of the top actresses there.
For several years after that Seo Yea Ji always got a successful project. She then got a label as the Queen of Thrillers after playing the mystery series called Save Me in the same year. In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, Seo Yea Ji was paired with Kim Soo Hyun for the tvN and Netflix series It’s Okay to Not Be Okay . At this moment, his popularity in the international arena is even more soaring, including USA.

But not long after, Seo Yea Ji was involved in a scandal. Seo Yea Ji was called the mastermind behind Kim Jung Hyun’s unprofessional attitude while filming the drama Time in 2018. At that time, Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun were reportedly in love. He allegedly asked the actor to reject all intimate scenes with his co-star in the drama Time, SNSD’s Seohyun.

The name Seo Yea Ji immediately became the center of attention when the scandal emerged. He had disappeared for a while. Even the fate of his ongoing projects is being questioned. Luckily, the film called Recalled was not badly affected by the controversy. Seo Yea Ji’s appearance in this film still gives an impression through her acting which does not need to be doubted.

Seo Yea Ji while attending an event. Photo: Multi-Bits via Getty Ima
Recalled became one of the successful films at the South Korean box office during the COVID-19 pandemic era. When it aired, the film was ranked first in terms of viewership and revenue. There were more than 957 cinema screens showing this film at that time.

After the success of Recalled, news emerged that Seo Yea Ji would return to the small screen to play in a drama. This news received mixed reactions from the public considering that it was not long ago after the controversy and scandal involving Seo Yea Ji and Kim Jung Hyun. The Korean drama that was offered to Seo Yea Ji at that time was Eve, which is now one of the most popular and talked about dramas.

Eve was briefly postponed and it was said that this delay was due to the Seo Yea Ji controversy. But the production team later denied it and said the Corona virus was the reason. In addition, they also mentioned the busy schedule and post-production which was still not finished at that time.

After Eve aired, Seo Yea Ji was again in the spotlight. But now it’s no longer because of the old controversy and scandal, considering that before Eve aired she had already apologized for it. What caught the attention of the audience was Seo Yea Ji’s adult scene in the Korean drama Eve.

Eve raised the story of a chaebol family (conglomerate) divorce lawsuit worth 2 trillion Won. The divorce shocked the South Korean public. But behind all the divorce drama, there is one thing that is not known to the public. The high-stakes lawsuit is the result of a 13-year-old revenge scheme. In the Korean drama Eve, Seo Yea Ji stars as Lee Ra El, a woman who is involved in a divorce lawsuit worth trillions of won : https://www.postman.com/restless-water-29535/workspace/xem-phim-moi-minions-s-tri-dy-ca-gru-hd-vietsub-full-mien-phi-2022/overview

From the start, the drama has confirmed that the first episode is given an adult rating. In the episode, Lee Rael was shown a bed scene with her husband, Jang Jin Wook (played by Lee Ha Yool).

After airing, the scene immediately drew criticism from the public.
Despite being followed by a series of negative comments, the Korean drama Eve continues to be highlighted every new episode. Seo Yea Ji’s appearance on Eve is getting more and more talked about and slowly many people are starting to move on from the actress’ scandal with Kim Jung Hyun. It is undeniable that despite the scandal, Seo Yea Ji still has charm and excellent acting skills that make every project worth watching.

Scandals and controversies are things that most Korean stars shun. Not a few of those who have been involved in scandals and controversies are struggling to return to the camera spotlight. But it looks like Seo Yea Ji could be included in the exception list.