Dragon Ball Super Seductive Mysterious Super Weapon Red Ribbon Army


The new magazine preview once again hints that the Red Ribbon Soldiers have another secret up their sleeves in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The latest issue of manga magazine V Jump provides another look at the latest Dragon Ball movie. Preview page scanned by Twitter user @DBSHype and translated by @DBSChronicles. In addition to discussing Piccolo’s new transformation and his undercover mission at the Red Ribbon Army base, the magazine once again discusses the mysterious machine at the center of the Red Ribbon Army’s new base, which seems to be preparing another threat to Earth’s heroes besides two new android warriors, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. The magazine showed another shot of the spherical device inside Dr.’s lab. Hedo, which the article describes as saying “It glows with a red light and exhibits unpleasant fetal movements. Is that Dr. Hedo’s move? A new superweapon?”

The ominous machine was previously described as placing something in an “embryonic state,” suggesting that yet-to-be-revealed characters are being incubated within it. Rumors have been circulating for several weeks that the film will feature the return of Cell, the genetically modified green warrior from Dragon Ball Z. Fans have noted that the two new androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, bear some resemblance to the classic villain, created by the scientist Ribbon Army. Red Dr. Gero in an alternate timeline. The film will also focus on the teacher-student relationship between Piccolo and his first martial arts student, Gohan, who ultimately defeated Cell in the original series.

The new film features an original story set several years after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. In addition to Gohan and Piccolo, the new film will also feature Pan, Goten and Trunks, all of whom have received new designs to reflect how old they are since the previous film.

Super Hero was recently given a new Japanese premiere date, June 11. The film was originally planned to debut on April 22, but production of the film was postponed following Toei Animation, the studio that has produced all of the Dragon Ball anime adaptations since the 1980s. , was hit by a targeted ransomware attack on March 6. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s North American release was originally planned to have a Japanese premiere this summer; The film’s producers have not announced whether the film will still be released internationally within the same premiere window, or if its release has also been pushed back.