Dragon Ball: Could Gogeta Return?


Even though it’s only been a few days, fans have presented various interesting theories that might happen in the next chapter. One of the many theories that have sprung up and been discussed is the return of Gogeta who will appear in the Dragon Ball Super series. The chance of Gogeta’s appearance itself is quite large, where Vegeta and Goku are currently at a disadvantage.

It’s not just about Gogeta’s reappearance. In this theory, fans also mention that there is a possibility that Gogeta’s figure will become stronger by utilizing Vegeta’s latest transformation, namely Ultra Ego. However, is it possible for Gogeta to really return and be able to face the figure of Gas?

Is Gogeta Back in Dragon Ball?
One of the big questions that then arises among fans regarding the upcoming chapter is whether Gogeta’s figure will reappear to face Gas. The current situation looks good enough to bring Gogeta back into the story. Moreover, Goku’s Ultra Instinct form doesn’t seem to have much effect.

That’s why Ultra Ego has a chance to defeat Gas. This is what later became the basis for fans to theorize that Gogeta would be the answer to being able to beat Gas. For geeks who don’t know, Gogeta is a powerful figure born as a result of the Fusion technique between Goku and Vegeta.

Vegeta and Goku use the Fusion Dance technique instead of using Potara Earrings. That is, Goku and Vegeta need to find a moment or situation where they can perform the Fusion Dance ritual and then become Gogeta’s figure. There are two possible scenarios for this to happen.

The first scenario is that Vegeta and Goku need to keep some distance from the Gas figure, at least for some time. However, this scenario is unlikely to happen. Because they had just spent most of their time listening to Bardock’s voice recordings. The second scenario requires the figure of Granolah to be able to give pause for the two to unite.

Granolah herself was currently still unconscious after her battle against Gas. Monaito himself is still trying to heal Granolah. Even if Granolah had come back to her senses and could help Goku and Vegeta, another question would arise. How long was Granolah able to withstand the figure of Gas? Will Granolah be able to hold back the Gas until Vegeta and Goku finish the ritual?

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Could It Be Realized?
Actually, scenario number two becomes a reasonable choice. Vegeta and Goku need to do the Fusion Dance properly and quickly. If they managed to do it in just one try, then it would only take them a few minutes for the ritual to complete. Even Granolah seems to still be able to do that.

However, if the opposite happens, it will take a very long time to complete the ritual. Even so, it seems that Akira Toriyama will not present a comedy element in the midst of a hot and tense situation like now. So, that means Goku and Vegeta can finish their Fusion Dance in just a few minutes.

Other Scenarios
In addition to the two scenarios above, there are also other scenarios that might occur as a continuation of chapter 84. Ultra Ego’s transformation makes Vegeta much stronger when receiving attacks from Gas. This is because indeed Ulra Ego will get stronger when the user gets an attack or receives an attack.

However, as geeks might remember in the previous fight against Granolah, Vegeta still had to lose in this form. Even so, there were some important differences between the fight against Gas and also the fight against Granolah. While fighting Granolah, Vegeta feels sorry for Granolah because of the sad story of the inhabitants of the planet Cereal who were killed by the Saiyans.

Although not directly responsible for the incident, Vegeta still feels guilty because Goku and also he is the last Saiyan still alive and represents the race. This was also confirmed in chapter 84 yesterday, when Vegeta forgot about Saiyan Pride in him.

According to Vegeta, Saiyan Pride is not about past sins for what their race has done. But the pride of the Saiyan race itself. It is this guilt that then quite interferes with Vegeta’s Ultra Ego technique. However, Vegeta feels different things in the fight against Gas.

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There is absolutely no guilt that Vegeta will feel while fighting Gas. Why? Because, Vegeta thinks that Gas is a villain that he needs to destroy. He is also part of the Heeters group responsible for the destruction of the planet Cereal. Therefore, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego this time will function optimally.

Conclusion in Dragon Ball
With the current situation there needs to be another big power that can be utilized to be able to deal with Gas. Many fans then argue that the reliable figure is none other than Gogeta. Gogeta can present an opportunity to finish off the powerful Gas.

When Gogeta managed to appear and become Gas’s opponent, fans speculated that he would not just appear. There will be a drastic increase in the strength of Gogeta’s figure, such as the use of the Ultra Ego transformation. Compared to Ultra Instinct, the current Ultra Ego technique is more needed to be able to deal with Gas. Will Gogeta really come back? Let’s just look forward to the continuation of the Dragon Ball story, geeks!