Dragon Ball: 5 Most Difficult Transformations!

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In the Dragon Ball series, transformation becomes something that is very essential in the story. This is because the Saiyan race is the main character in the story. Those who are part of the Saiyan race are known to have a transformation called Super Saiyan. This is a form of increasing their strength in a fight.

However, over time where Dragon Ball has been running for more than four decades, Akira Toriyama as the creator of the series has introduced more transformations in the story. Some of these transformations are considered transformations that are difficult to carry out and study for various reasons. Then, what transformations are considered the most difficult?

Super Saiyan Rage
Super Saiyan Rage is basically a variation of the Super Saiyan 2 transformation. However, even so Super Saiyan Rage looks different from other standard Super Saiyan transformations. And it is known that in the story the Super Saiyan Rage transformation has only been used once by Future Trunks. After that moment, Super Saiyan Rage has not been shown again in the story nor has it been mentioned yet. This has led to speculation that Super Saiyan Rage is one of the most difficult transformations to use/access.

Ultra Ego
Vegeta’s Ultra Ego is the latest transformation added to the Dragon Ball series. This transformation is shown in his battle against Granolah in the arc that is still running today. Ultra Ego itself is a transformation created or developed by Vegeta himself, having previously learned the Destruction technique from Beerus. Ultra Ego is arguably the pinnacle of Vegeta’s current great achievement.

What is remarkable is that Ultra Ego has a different philosophy from the Ultra Instinct technique used by Goku and the Angels. Ultra Ego is another “variation” of the Ultra Instinct technique, where Ultra Ego takes advantage of the anger, egoism, and narcissism that exists in Vegeta’s figure to become a source of tremendous power that can be used to defeat the enemy. Granolah also felt how powerful this extraordinary technique was.

Ultra Instinct
The Ultra Instinct transformation technique is believed to be one of the most difficult transformations to perform in the Dragon Ball series. The Ultra Instinct technique is usually used by gods or angels. By mastering this transformation, the user’s body will be able to move on its own without the need for commands.

This was also shown when Whis fought Goku and Vegeta at once, where Whis was able to dodge all of the attacks of the two Saiyans. To be able to use this transformation requires extraordinary calm. In addition, it takes a huge amount of energy for Goku to be able to use it all the time like the Angels.

Super Saiyan Blue
Before Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego were introduced in the story, Super Saiyan Blue became the most powerful technique that Goku and Vegeta had. Super Saiyan God is a transformation technique that incorporates God Ki in the process. Learning God Ki itself has become a very difficult process, which is why SSB is considered one of the most difficult techniques.

However, the biggest challenge for someone who wants to master or be able to access the power of Super Saiyan Blue is that they must first be able to use the Super Saiyan God transformation. So, apart from having to learn God Ki, the user must also master Super Saiyan God first, which are the two big challenges of this transformation.

Super Saiyan God
Super Saiyan God is a very difficult transformation to use and access, for several reasons. One of the most basic is that the user must first perform a special ritual, known as the Super Saiyan God Ritual. The ritual itself becomes a ritual that is not easy, because the requirements are quite complicated. One Saiyan will be surrounded by five other Saiyans, who hold hands and exchange energy with each other.

When their energy level reaches the limit to be able to access the Super Saiyan God, then the energy will be transferred to one Saiyan who is the “target.” What makes this ritual process difficult is that everyone involved in the ritual must be a pure Saiyan. And so far Goku and Vegeta are all that’s left of pure Saiyan.

With the development of the story in the Dragon Ball series, Akira Toriyama simultaneously introduces the latest power or other latest transformations. However, of the many transformations that have been introduced, not all of them can be accessed easily.