‘Dr. Strange 2 ‘: Benedict Cumberbatch confesses why his character makes him feel ‘ridiculous’


The actor returned to the skin of the magician, so he talked about what it is like to play him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A few days before the long-awaited premiere of Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness , Benedict Cumberbatch , the actor who plays the famous magician in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has confessed his feelings every time he enters the set to recreate his powers.

“You have to imagine everything, bear the humiliation, like when you were a child. There is a lot of green screen and  you feel silly running and doing things using only your imagination, because nothing comes out of my hands, there is no magic anywhere , they put that later with the special effects. The first time you do it in front of the technical team you feel absurd and ridiculous; Fortunately, all the people are focused on their work and do not laugh at you, ”he assured in an interview with El Hormiguero .

The film – which will be released in Mexican theaters on the night of May 4 – will start from what happened in Spider-Man: No Way Home , with Tom Holland, where Peter Parker asks him for help after discovering his secret identity. , but the multiverse looks fractured.

The Illuminati in ‘Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness’

Directed by Sam Raimi, one of the most recent advances confirmed the presence of the Illuminati – a group that in the comics is made up of leaders of other groups of superheroes – so although it is now known that they will meet with Strange, we still know who they are . They are the characters that make it up.




The sequel’s cast is rounded out by Elizabeth Olsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Xochitl Gomez, Michael Stuhlbarg and Rachel McAdams .

“He’s a complex character and a bit damaged like most of us. He is a human being, a person, as well as a superhero, that he is learning and that in the last films he seemed omnipresent as well as omnipotent because he knew everything. Here we turn him around a bit and see how he has gone from being a neurosurgeon to working with magic to becoming a magician and a master of the mystical arts , but still driven by ego and will, which are the its strongest point and its weakest point,” Cumberbatch added.

Likewise, he described the film as dark, with terrifying characters , and spoke of the pressure he has come to feel as part of the project where he embodies different versions of his character. “It’s true that once you’ve finished shooting, it’s done. I am not a producer, nor an editor, nor do I have decision-making power. The movie is from Marvel and they are the ones who decide, but I feel a lot of pressure because I like to protect the character and I don’t know how the movie is going to turn out in the end ”.