Doom Patrol Season 1 (2019) Series Review: Perfect in DC’s Weirdness


If the DC Extended Universe is still looking for the best formula, the television series edition from DC has turned into an interesting DC ride to watch. For example, Doom Patrol Season 1. This collection of DC dramas provides interesting and strange stories like the peculiarities of the characters.

Doom Patrol also tells the story of a bunch of DC Comics superstars who get their powers in a pretty tragic way. Doom Patrol season 1 focuses on the introduction of each character. At first, they are brought together by a doctor, known as Chief, who helps them recognize their own strengths.

Its members include Jane who has an identity disorder; Rita Farr, an actress who can turn into jelly; Larry Taylor, a former pilot who has a negative energy entity in his body; Cliff Steele, a former racer who gained an iron body after an accident; and Cyborg, a robotic American Football athlete.

In the first season, Chief was captured by Mr. Nobody. To find out where the Chief is being held and save him, the Doom Patrol searches for clues. Along the way, they eventually discover the secret of their power as well as the reason the Chief gathered them all.

Weird characters and unusual stories
Of all the characters in Doom Patrol, only Vic Stone aka Cyborg may be familiar to some DC fans. Cyborg had already gotten a cinematic ride when he was played by Ray Fisher in Justice League and the animated series Teen Titans.

However, other characters such as Jane, Rita Farr, Larry Taylor and Cliff Steele who have just been appointed to the small screen offer a fresh and ‘raw’ impression. Each character has their own story, how they got their power and the problems they face.

The first season develops themes and stories based on the comics intelligently. With strange characters, the choice of supervillains and other characters does not escape the impression of the absurd. Like a giant cockroach, a talking rat, a beard-eating human, or a superhero who can do anything while hardening his muscles.

It doesn’t look like a television series made with a limited budget, but the action and visuals are one of Doom Patrol’s strengths. Some action scenes still provide DC color. Although some of the CGI or visual effects feel lacking, but it doesn’t matter because the story that is the axis is conveyed well.

Embracing the difference
Throughout the story, various characters who are considered strange and different from humans who are considered ‘normal’ are shown. Not just a story of the battle between good and evil, but still relevant by representing the problems faced by modern humans.

The series embraces each character with arcs that do not overlap. And don’t forget to describe various sensitive issues, for example disability, mental and physical trauma, or sexual violence. The story depicts a real challenge, often making it easy to accept.

Not only presenting a dynamic plot, character designs and visual effects are made as attractive as possible. Using various settings of place and time with various color palettes accentuates the characteristics of each given situation and plot.

What makes Doom Patrol so fun and refreshing is the way they blend DC’s dark and heavy story with a surreal, comedic tone. Each character has its own hero’s journey;, from a vulnerable person evolving against the obstacles they face.

Doom Patrol season 1 cleverly diverted comic books. Made relevant to the real world, but don’t forget to provide adult-themed narration and plots that are the essence of the DC comic series. Then be one of the best drama-themed television series to date.