Don’t breath 2 review, a new home invasion that rediscovers the blind man played by Stephen Lang


Criticism of No respirations 2 (Don’t Breathe 2), directed by Rodo Sayagues who co-wrote the script with Fede lvarez. Premieres on September 24, 2021.

The sequels have had a pretty bad reputation… especially when they hit the pinnacle of massive success, which was partly the case with Don’t Breathe 2. Fede lvarez directed Don’t Breathe in 2016 and it got good reviews and interesting box office numbers, collecting up to 150 million dollars worldwide (after investing only 9 in it).

Among the main ingredients are shocking stories, highly solvent performances and brutal mastery of space with original and excellently choreographed sequences that take great advantage of the main conflict: confronting a blind but trained and extremely ruthless man in his field, where he moves like a fish. in the water.

Five years later, the long-awaited sequel arrived. On the one hand, some viewers would expect something similar to the above, but, as the creators of this franchise have assured us in an interview, it’s far from their intention to serve us the same hot dish…

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What’s more, they’re never afraid to be a bit transgressive when choosing a path to narrate their proposals and they’re clear that the public response will be better in regions like Europe and Latin America than in the United States, where it has generated some confusion looking for men in the United States. behind the monster. Notice his statement:

To begin with, those who haven’t seen it, it’s not important, because it develops a new story, but ignorance will leave without effect some of the most emotional last moments if the evolution of the main character is unknown.

Chronologically, this film takes us to jump into the future. An extraordinary fire leaves a girl homeless, who is adopted and raised by former military officer Norman Nordstrom as if she were his own daughter. He tries to train her to survive and keep her safe by feeding her many outings until things get complicated.

The past returns in the form of an attack and Norman has no choice but to abandon his skin to protect the girl, whom he renames Phoenix. Several brutal assailants stormed his home fully armed to take him away and he will once again bring out his bloodiest and most brutal side to get rid of them, showing that he is still in good shape and that he has prepared for it.

Perhaps one of the film’s biggest drawbacks is the sudden change in perspective. In the first installment, we adopted the point of view of a robber who broke into the blind man’s house, but now, we are called to empathize with him, a person who is rude and inhuman to some extent.

We also miss the freshness of the surprise effects of the first installment: the turning point is to discover that despite being blind (which should facilitate the robbery) Norman has a lot to hide. Now we see him again displaying his skills, but he’s definitely on the edge.

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The motivations of the new attackers don’t stop at work either: at this point, the script is pretty scattered and what they want to achieve doesn’t match what they do to achieve it.

If there is one thing that remains intact, it is Stephen Lang’s talent for creating characters who are tortured, complex and at the same time, now emotionally vulnerable. This role has become an icon in the actor’s career and he seems to enjoy every moment of the filming, which is undoubtedly very demanding on a physical level.

As a newcomer to directing, Rodo Sayagues explains that he has a lot to learn but also to contribute, such as some very complex sequences on a choreographic level, but Don’t Breathe 2 falls into the arms of gore too diligently, reducing the impact of some moments being reiterative.

In short, it’s a film that easily disappoints because it doesn’t always match the risks it takes. It would benefit from a better-constructed script as other aspects such as the setting or soundtrack sometimes accompany the scary story well.

We couldn’t finish our review of Don’t Breathe 2 without pointing out that there’s a very brief post-credits scene after the final reel and that, while almost anecdotal, this might hint that we could see a third installment of Don’t Breathe in. some point … who knows! To date, the second installment has garnered fairly rave reviews, but audience rules.