Donnarumma Since Leaving AC Milan: Substitute at PSG, Touched by Benzema, Failed to World Cup!


Gianluigi Donnarumma has been hit by a streak of bad luck in recent weeks. After being humiliated by Karim Benzema in the Champions League, Donnarumma also failed to bring the Italian national team to qualify for the 2022 World Cup .

Donnarumma was Italy’s hero at Euro 2020. He was voted Player of the Year for showing impressive performances, including in the final against England.

After Euro 2020, Donnarumma made an important decision. He chose to ‘divorce’ with AC Milan, the club he had defended since childhood. Donnarumma moved to PSG and earned a salary as expected.

The move to PSG apparently did not bring good luck to Donnarumma’s career. He had to accept some bad luck. Anything? Check out the full review below, Bolaneters .

Only Reserves at PSG
From the start, Donnarumma’s decision to move to PSG drew a lot of criticism. It’s not about accusations of money from AC Milan fans, but also about the league’s goals. If you want to find a new challenge, he is considered more suitable to move to Spain or England.

At PSG, Donnarumma is also not the first choice. The 23-year-old goalkeeper had to take turns with Keylor Navas to be able to stand under the PSG goal. It even had time to make Donnarumma frustrated at the beginning of the season.

So far, Donnarumma has only played 12 matches in Ligue 1. That’s less than Keylor Navas. The 35-year-old goalkeeper has played 17 matches in Ligue 1. However, Donnarumma has a record of more appearances in the Champions League.

Touched by Karim Benzema
Donnarumma played five matches in the 2021/2022 Champions League. Two of them were the Round of 16 match against Real Madrid. In the first leg duel, Donnarumma performed well and was able to keep PSG’s goal from conceding.

But, the second leg was a disaster for PSG. Especially for Donnarumma. Because, the former AC Milan goalkeeper had to pick up the ball from the net three times. PSG lost 3-1 and failed to qualify from the last 16 of the Champions League.

One of the iconic moments in that duel was when Benzema pressed and made Donnarumma fall and then misplaced the pass. That moment then began to be associated with the collapse of Loris Karius’ career when crushed by Benzema a few years earlier.

Failed to the World Cup!
Failing in the 2021/2022 Champions League is an embarrassing result for PSG. They have made big investments, including by bringing in Donnarumma and Lionel Messi. The chances of winning Ligue 1 were meaningless because of that failure.

For Donnarumma, the situation just got worse. Because, after the beautiful moment at Euro 2020, bad luck keeps coming. After failing in the Champions League, Donnarumma also failed to bring Italy to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

Italy lost 1-0 to North Macedonia in the play-offs. Italy, the champions of Euro 2020, failed to qualify for the World Cup in two consecutive games. Meanwhile, Donnarumma became the butt of social media.