Dongyo Entertainment, as the management of boyband DONGKIZ

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Dongyo Entertainment, as the management of boyband DONGKIZ , announced a number of changes for the group. One of them is to rename the group to DKZ.
This was announced through a post on DONGKIZ’s official fancafe. They also announced that one of their members, Wondae, had decided to leave the group.

The doctor thinks Wondae should undergo regular rehabilitation in the future. So, Wondae decided to leave DONGKIZ,” said Dongyo Entertainment.

Ahead of his comeback, we suggest Munik to return to activities and check his condition. We also gave him time to think about this. However, it was decided that Munik would not participate in the comeback because his condition is still not good fully recovered.”

Dongyo Entertainment then announced the renaming of DONGKIZ . Starting April 2022, the group name will change to DKZ.

“As can be seen in the release of the official logo before the name change, DONGKIZ will be reintroduced to fans under the name DKZ starting April 2022,” explained Dongyo Entertainment.

Then, we will also add three new members. In the future, DKZ will be active with Kyoungyoon, Jaechan, and Jonghyeong. DONGKIZ and DKZ are not different groups, but we hope fans will see them as two groups merging into one that connects the past, the future now, and in the future. We hope the fans will continue to give them support and love,” he added.

At the end of the statement, Dongyo Entertainment apologized because fans had to wait a long time for DONGKIZ to make a comeback. Management also thanks fans who have supported Wondae and Munik in their recovery.

Previously, the song DONGKIZ for the first time entered the chart since its debut because of the popularity of Jaechan who starred in the Semantic Error series.