Documentary Movie About Pamela Anderson to be Made

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A new documentary that focuses on the life of Pamela Anderson and features the “Baywatch” star will be made by Netflix.

“Pamela Anderson is ready to tell her story in a new documentary,” Netflix said in a statement.

Netflix also mentioned that Anderson is making notes about his life and career.

Ryan White, known for “The Case Against 8” and “Ask Dr. Ruth” will direct the documentary. The movie will also feature never-before-seen archive and journal material as well as interviews with Anderson.

Anderson himself wrote a special note about it for his upcoming documentary.

Documentary Movie About Pamela Anderson to be Made – My life/ A thousand imperfections/ A million misperceptions/ Evil, see and lost/ Nothing to live for/ I can only surprise you/ Not a victim, but a survivor/ And lived to tell a true story, Anderson said.

Jessica Hargrave, Julia Nottingham, White, and Anderson son Brandon Thomas Lee will produce, with documentary impresario executive Josh Braun producing. Netflix did not reveal a release date for the documentary.

The news comes after the team behind Hulu “Pam & Tommy” miniseries, which debuted on streamers in early February. The series focuses on the events that led to the release of Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tapes and their aftermath, but does not involve the two.

According to showrunner DV DeVincentis, the team contacted Anderson several times and never got a response.

“We specifically wanted to let Pamela Anderson know that this portrayal is a very positive thing and that we care deeply for her and want her to know that the show loves her,” said DeVincentis.

Actor Lily James, who played Anderson in the miniseries, added in a story for Porter, “I really hope that we will keep in touch until we start movieing.”