Doctor Strange 2 Banned, Netizens Blaspheme America Chavez Cast


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is ready to be released in theaters in a number of countries starting in early May 2022. Unfortunately, the film that is part of the MCU will not be shown in several countries in the Middle East region. This happened due to the bans from a number of these countries because there were scenes with LGBT themes in the film.

The ban comes because Disney reportedly refuses to censor the 12-second LGBT scene in Doctor Strange 2. In the scene, America Chavez talks about his two mothers, indicating that they are lesbians. In addition, the figure of America Chavez is also a lesbian-oriented superhero in the comic version.

Unfortunately, recently Xochitl Gomez as the actor of America Chavez was actually affected by the ban. The reason is, a number of netizens from countries that banned Doctor Strange 2 flooded Gomez’s Instagram comment column with blasphemies with quite harsh words.

A number of netizens blamed Gomez’s presence in the film as the reason why they couldn’t watch Doctor Strange 2. In fact, not a few netizens thought that Gomez had damaged Marvel for a number of countries.

This blasphemy is certainly very unfortunate to happen, considering that Gomez is only 15 years old and in her blockbuster film debut. Moreover, the reason for the ban is also not Gomez’s fault, but because of a decision from the studio.

Luckily, Gomez’s Instagram comment column is now full of words of support from her fans. Gomez also had time to open her voice via Instagram Story by saying thank you for all the support from people.