Do you remember the character of a fashion designer named Cruella


De Vil who was so obsessed with making various types of clothes using the patterns found on animal skins in 101 Dalmatians (Stephen Herek, 1996)? Like the Maleficent character from the movie Sleeping Beauty (Clyde Geronimi, Eric Larson, Wolfgang Reitherman, Les Clark, 1959), Walt Disney Pictures now presents Cruella which will not only provide the main focus of storytelling on the antagonist character but also a deeper dig into the origins of the story. proposals to various conflicts in the character’s past which later shaped him into a character figure that is widely known by film connoisseurs to this day. Directed byCraig Gillespie ( I, Tonya , 2017) who puts Emma Stone to play the character that was previously played iconicly by Glenn Close, Cruella is able to be presented as a comedy drama with various colors of intrigue from the glamor of the entertaining fashion world.

Cruella begins her storyline by introducing a young woman named Estella Miller (Stone) who, after spending her childhood and youth as a thief, together with her two friends, Jasper Badun ( Joel Fry ) and Horace Badun ( Paul Walter Hauser ), now has the opportunity to channel his talent in designing clothes by working with a legendary and famous fashion designer from the city of London, England, Baroness von Hellman ( Emma Thompson). Working for the figure of Baroness von Hellman is not an easy job. In addition to having to deal with a harsh and tend to be rude, Baroness von Hellman also demands that everyone who works for him has dedication and high creativity. With her intelligence, Estella Miller is able to overcome various challenges and even steal the heart of Baroness von Hellman. However, as the relationship that she has with Baroness von Hellman approaches, Estella Miller begins to realize that the person she admires actually has a historical record related to the grief that Estella Miller experienced in her past.

If you glance at how Cruella explores the fashion world in her narrative – as well as the relationship that exists between Estella Miller’s character and Baroness von Hellman – it is clear that it is quite easy to make a comparison between this film and The Devil Wears Prada (David Frankel, 2006). However, Cruella is not a presentation that only talks about the conflicts that form between the fashion industry workers. This film concentrates more on the personal conflicts of Estella Miller’s character and her efforts to resolve them – which helps shape the plot about the heist and the plot about revenge in the film script written by Dana Fox (Isn’t it Romantic , 2019) and Tony McNamara ( The Favorite , 2018). Imagine the character Abigail Hill, played by Stone in The Favorite, masterminding the theft of valuables a la Ocean’s 8 (Gary Ross, 2018) within The Devil Wears Prada . Energetic blend.

The strength of Cruella’s storytelling clearly comes from the success of Fox and McNamara to provide strong character exploration for the two main characters. Both Estella Miller’s character and Baroness von Hellman’s character are formed with a fairly dark personality picture. However, if the character of Baroness von Hellman fully presents these dark characteristics, Fox and McNamara make the dark spots in the personality of Estella Miller’s character as part of the building story of her wounds and trauma from the past which slowly develops and shifts the personality of the previously more colorful character. . The interaction and tug-of-war between the two – which Stone and Thompson later managed to bring to life brilliantly – resulted in many golden moments in the story.Cruella .

At the same time, with the story running at 134 minutes, it’s hard not to feel that Cruella spends too much time revolving around the same issue. The feud between the characters of Estella Miller and Baroness von Hellman which then drags the people around it is indeed interesting to follow but is spread out in a fairly long-winded narrative. Fox and McNamara are also not very able to form a third half that is strong enough to follow the two previous half of the story which felt bombastic. Less than the maximum portion of storytelling given to the many supporting characters who appear on Cruella’s storylinealso makes a number of moments that do not involve the two main characters – but feel quite crucial for the storyline of the film – become bland.

Despite a number of weak moments in his narrative, Gillespie never fails to bring out the fun element of his film presentation. The comedic tone that has been formed by Fox and McNamara’s script was able to be brought to life thanks to the selection of straightforward storytelling rhythms and the presence of a number of popular songs from the 1960s era. Cruella also feels very passionate in exploring the elements of the fashion industry that are in her storytelling. The line of clothing made by Jenny Beavan combined with the colors of make-up and eccentric hair becomes a unique character of its own and will definitely be able to steal the attention of every eye that follows the storyline of this film. A fun event that is quite fun.