Discuss One Piece Chapter 981: Awaited Guest Arrival


One Piece Chapter 981 features a commotion at the Golden Kagura party which is getting worse because of Luffy with an additional surprise at the end of the chapter, namely

Why would Marco want to come to Wano when he said no before?

Kid vs Apoo
One Piece chapter 981 opens with Kid’s fight against Apoo which started in the previous chapter . Kid’s attack was able to make Apoo seriously injured but not enough to defeat him.

Here Apoo reveals the reason why he pretended to be Kid’s alliance. Similar to Hawkins, Apoo decides to become a Yonko subordinate and traps Kid for fear of Kaido. Defeating the Yonko was a daydream for him.

Obviously Apoo’s character is much different from Luffy, Kid, and Law who dare to try to realize their dreams even though they have to fight a very strong enemy.

Killer dan Pleasure
When Kid fights Apoo, Killer helps in the back preventing Kaido’s men from attacking Kid.

Because Killer was once Pleasure, Kaido’s subordinate who failed to get the SMILE power, then some of Kaido’s men seemed to know him.

Maybe that’s why Killer knows the secret of Apoo’s power and helps Kid, Luffy, and Zoro escape.

Numbers take place

From his name, it looks like he is Numbers number 8 which in Japanese is Hachi. Cmiiw.

Haccha is very strong in terms of physical strength and does not think about his partner when fighting.

Apoo’s secret power
In chapter 980 fans were surprised by Apoo’s mysterious power which was able to overwhelm Luffy and Zoro.

Maybe it was because he had been Pleasure and was also Orochi’s messenger, so Killer knew about the secret of Apoo’s power.

It turns out that Apoo can attack people who hear the sound of the music he produces. If Luffy covers his ears, then Apoo can’t do any more surprise attacks.

Maybe we can say that Apoo’s powers are similar to hypnosis. The music he sounded was like a suggestion, “boom” to explode and “kcssh” to slash. The person who hears the music will miraculously explode or be cut down by himself.

Everyone will become Straw Hats in time
Any cool or scary pirate will slowly become funny after interacting with the Straw Hat pirates for too long. Call it Law. And this “bad” influence of the Straw Hats also affects Kid.

Since “befriending” Luffy in Udon, Kid has slowly become a funny pirate. In chapter 981, we also saw how Kid was funny angry with Zoro and Luffy who made a mess. They look familiar.

Queen vs Who’s Who
The mess that Luffy and Kid made made Queen angry and possibly worried. How not, as the person in charge of the Udon prison, it could be said that Queen failed to do her job. He was angry with Babanuki who had falsely reported him.

Who’s Who is aware of Queen’s mistake, doesn’t want to take the opportunity to catch Luffy and Kid. If he managed to catch the two escaped prisoners of Udon, of course Who’s Who could make Queen cornered in Kaido’s eyes.

But Who’s Who has another priority, which is to find Yamato. Bringing Yamato to Kaido would be more beneficial for him to become All Stars than getting Queen cornered.

And in chapter 981, it seems we know who Tobi Roppo Queen wants to get rid of and then who are the All Stars who are the targets of Who’s Who. Even though they are on the same side, they are still enemies.

Kinemon’s plan change
In his execution, Kinemon changed the strategy of the Eastern troops he led because Kaido’s troops did not yet know of the arrival of the Wano samurai.

Kinemon plans to split his army in two. One attacks from behind and one from the middle, the aim is to surround Kaido.

But there was one impromptu problem they didn’t know about. There was a new area created in Onigashima but it wasn’t listed in the Onigashima plan they got.

Chopper and Olin’s reunion
The area that wasn’t on the Onigashima plan was Black Maria’s brothel. Sanji, who was straight in the eye, slid but turned right with a disappointed face.

It turned out that all the women in the brothel had left because they heard the commotion Luffy had caused. Instead of beautiful women, they met Big Mom instead!

All of Kinemon’s troops managed to hide, but not Chopper. His eyes met Big Mom’s!

If later the Kinemon team has to fight with Big Mom, then this will be the reunion of Chopper, Nami, and Zeus with Big Mom.

But with Chopper, it might be a little different considering Big Mom had gone on an adventure to find Oshiruko to Udon together. Let’s wait and see.

The pheasant took his place
It’s been a long time since fans have been wondering who the pheasant figure will be that will help Momonosuke in defeating Kaido the Oni. Luffy and Inuarashi have represented the Monkey and the Dog along with the Mink tribe. And in One Piece chapter 981, it seems that fans’ curiosity has been answered.

It turned out that it was Marco who became a pheasant. he came to Wano despite previously rejecting Nekomamushi’s invitation.

Marco’s arrival made Big Mom’s children a “bump” in the Wano arc. Marco made Perospero and his siblings fall into the same hole as King did .

Maybe what Marco meant was the era where Kaido and Big Mom had been overthrown by Luffy.


Marco refused Nemomamushi’s invitation because he wanted to protect Whitebeard’s hometown from Weevil. But since the Sichibukai had been disbanded and Weevil was being hunted by the Marines, Marco could calmly leave Whitebeard’s hometown for a while.

The realization of Lady Toki’s prophecy
Besides Marco, Nekomamushi also brought a friend, namely Izo.
With the arrival of Izo to Wano, Lady Toki’s prediction about the arrival of nine samurai who will defeat Orochi and open Wano will come true.

Previously Akazaya Nine’s members were reduced by one after Kanjuro’s betrayal.

Besides, we don’t know who else Nekomamushi brought, did he come with the remnants of the Whitebeard pirates? It’s possible considering the Wano arc has shown Oden’s familial relationship with Whitebeard.

That’s the discussion of One Piece chapter 981. What do you think?