Discuss One Piece Chapter 978: Tobi Roppo Takes Place


One Piece chapter 978 begins the raid on Onigashima. Each alliance team has prepared to go to Kaido’s mansion. While inside, Kaido’s and Orochi’s people started to party. And at the end of this chapter, the appearance of the complete line-up of Tobi Roppo gave rise to a theory about Kaido’s son.

Discussion of One Piece chapter 978
The appearance of Onigashima’s form from the inside
Law with his submarine begins a secret mission, which is to get to the back of Onigashima via an underwater route.

While the other teams, began to enter through the front of Onigashima.

Onigashima is seen surrounded by cliffs and the weather is snowing. Behind the high cliff, there is a giant garden drawn with a thick Japanese flavor.

The garden is very beautiful very different from the image of the fierce pirate Kaido.

There are statues of foxes, komainu and also tori gates lined up. These “decorations” are commonly found at the gates of ancient Japanese buildings.

And of course there is an Oni statue decoration that symbolizes the headquarters of a Kaido who represents the Oni in Momotaro’s story.

The alliance ship looked very small when compared to the statues decorating the Forecourt of Onigashima.

Interestingly, there is a giant katana stuck in the island. And the silhouette of the skull that we have seen so far turns out to be a giant skull.

Could the katana and giant skull be the legacy of the Oars as various fan theories suggest?

Maybe inside that giant skull.

Samurai Wano also said he had never seen Onigashima from the inside. This is understandable because of course not everyone can enter Onigashima.

Kaido’s men are not aware of the arrival of the alliance?
Even though Kanjuro had already flown towards Onigashima , Kaido’s and Orochi’s people didn’t seem wary. They even enjoy drinking and partying.

Kinemon says they have to attack quickly before the enemy realizes.

Usohachi uses his jutsu to put the guards to sleep in order to keep the mission smooth.

This scene is like a “stealth” mission that requires caution so that the enemy does not know of our arrival.

Seeing the lack of vigilance on guarding Onigashima, is it possible that Kanjuro hasn’t arrived at Onigashima yet? It could be that he was looking for Hyori.

Or maybe Onigashima already knew of the alliance’s arrival. They pretended to be careless to prepare a trap.

Wano samurai determination
After arriving on land, the Wano samurai immediately anchored and sank their ship.

This shows the sincerity of the samurai.

Sinking the ship will strengthen the determination or belief of the samurai. They will focus on carrying out the mission without thinking of escaping home if facing a stronger and more numerous enemy.

But of course this does not apply to pirates. Pirates are the most free group. So there is no need to follow Wano’s samurai rules.

Seeing Wano’s samurai decision, Jinbe finds a way to hide Sunny and save some ships to go home later.

Kinemon devil fruit power
In One Piece chapter 978 we see another form of Kinemon’s devil fruit power. He created a door that would change the costumes of everyone who walked through it.

This is done to blend. Even if it starts to riot, the Kaido pirates will be confused about who to attack.

But this Kinemon move will be lost if the costume is removed or destroyed. So this costume is purely for surprise attacks.

The annual Golden Kagura Festival
If the guard outside Onigashima was relaxed, it was even more relaxed inside. Queen presided over the annual Kagura event and kept everyone in attendance.

In Japan, the Kagura celebration is a kind of Sinto religious ritual with dances. Of course we can’t wait to see how it looks in the world of One Piece.

Queen led the opening event and in One Piece chapter 978 we get new information about Kaido’s pirate hierarchy.

The bottom one is Waiters. They were ordinary soldiers waiting in line to eat Smile’s fruit. But the factory was destroyed. So they have to wait a little longer.

On it is Pleasures. They were the ones who lost “gambling” in the sense of failing to gain Smile’s power and getting the “curse” of laughing like the citizens of Ebisu.

Above Pleasures are Gifters. They are winning gamblers. Managed to get the power of the Smile fruit.

Then there’s the headliner. They win more than Gifters. Referred to as elite Gifters. Their human body also looks more dominant. Different from ordinary Gifters who are more dominated by animal bodies.


This is the group we’ve been waiting for since two weeks ago. Different from their subordinates, Tobi Roppo is more quiet and does not answer Queen’s calls.

Then after Tobi Roppo, Queen summoned the Numbers. Queen herself called them monsters. Numbers also answered with strange sounds. We can conclude that Numbers is indeed filled with monsters.

Since Queen summons Numbers after Tobi Roppo, is it possible that Numbers rank higher than Tobi Roppo? Uncertain.

It could be that Queen summons Tobi Roppo and Numbers at random.

In addition to summoning all members of the Kaido pirates, Queen also summoned the guests. Starting from the samurai and ninja Orochi, to Big Mom’s children.


The complete set of Tobi Roppo
Their names have been introduced, but not with their devil fruit powers.

There is an Ulti whose mouth is covered. Maybe because he likes to be rude. Even dared to mock Kaido. From the official Mangaplus translation , it seems that Ulti likes to talk with Rima.

Then there’s Page One. His cute nickname is Pay-Pay. His human appearance is very eccentric. Striped with Bucket hat. He mocked Ulti’s way of speaking. From his conversation with Ulti, it seems that Page One is Ulti’s relative.

Who’s Who has a unique name. He wears a horned mask and wields a sword.

After that there is Black Maria. The woman is big and likes to smoke. Looks like a sexy adult female character.

Among them was Drake. He is quiet and weak towards women as we have come to know. But strangely, Drake is not wearing a horned costume. Is it possible for Drake to become Tobi Roppo after defeating one of his old members?

And the last one is Sasaki. The character designs are similar to Kaido and the Oars. Horned, had a big jaw like Oars, and tattooed. He likes to joke with Page One, but Ulti doesn’t like that.

Percakapan Tobi Roppo?
Tobi Roppo’s conversation is interesting to discuss. First they discussed who would replace Queen if she died.

Here it means who will be the MC of the Golden Kagura event. Black Maria thought Drake was suitable to be Queen’s replacement, but Drake was not interested.

Di also discusses why they are called Kaido.

According to Sasaki, there is something important that Kaido wants to discuss. If it’s important, it means connecting with family. What problem is that?

Does it have something to do with Kaido’s child and maybe Big Mom? May be.

Marriage to form an alliance
Okay, we know that there have been theories about Big Mom and Kaido having a special relationship in the past. But let’s put that aside first.


Since Big Mom and Kaido formed an alliance and Big Mom usually formed an alliance by matchmaking, is it possible that they want to match their two children?

May be.Because they are what Kaido is looking for.

Then why not a tea party like Sanji and Pudding’s wedding? Maybe because this is just a matchmaking event.

But this speculation can be refuted by the Kaido-Big Mom alliance agreement. Their alliance is not for the long term. After they finished fighting the world together, the two Yonko would kill each other.

Is Sasaki Kaido’s son?
Although it is not certain, of course, speculation that Sasaki, Kaido’s child will appear because of their resemblance. We will discuss what supports and disproves this speculation.

The supporting evidence is Sasaki’s character design. He looks like Kaido. It has horns (except the horns are just a costume) and has a big jaw. In addition, he also has a tattoo similar to Kaido’s tattoo.

The design of Sasaki’s jaws and teeth is similar to that of the Oars. If the fan theory about Kaido being descended from Oars is true, then Sasaki could be descended from Kaido.

While the evidence that breaks this speculation is in chapter 977 . Before Kaido looked for his son, he called Tobi Roppo. If his son is a member of Tobi Roppo, why should he look for his son again? Yes, right?

In addition, Sasaki calls Kaido by his usual name, there are no other frills that indicate another relationship.

But clearly, we’ll just have to wait for the answer in the next chapters.

That’s the discussion of One Piece chapter 978. What do you think?